1. My Guides

    This will be my blog post in which I will have links to all my guides on P101C.

    Let's first start with Pirate101 Central:

    Guide to Crowns and Subscriptions
    Illustrated Guide to Posting a Poll
    Illustrated Guide to Thanking a Post
    Guide to Closed Threads
    Guide to Inserting a Picture or Attachment in Your Post (It's illustrated )
    (Illustrated) All You Need to Know About the Forum Staff

    Do you have a suggestion on what I should

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  2. April Fools' Day

    Hey y'all. Wow, I haven't been on here in a while. (Does anyone even remember me? >.<) Anyway, how are all of you?

    With April Fools' Day coming up, I'm interested in seeing what tricks and shenanigans you guys have up your sleeves. (; I'm thinking about duck taping the entryway to the kitchen, but I'm not sure yet. (Mwahahaha, all the yummy food to myself >)

    I'd love to hear what you guys and gals have planned. Well, until next time;

    See 'ya
  3. My Birthday...Fail

    Seriously, universe? I've got no time to age.
    My birthday is on the, yay? Yeah no. It's seems that everything that could possibly go wrong, well, is going to.

    For starters, it's on a Tuesday. A school day. That already makes it bad.
    My Spanish teacher informed us that on Monday we have a really big test. And, of course, on my birthday, the day after, she's not going to be there--But she'll leave a lot of work for us to do. Woohoo. Sounds fun already.
    Life is Mean
  4. Where I'm at...

    Hey, everyone. First blog post on here since Beta....oh my!
    Anywhoo, a lot has changed with me over the last couple months. Between school, gymnastics, cheering, and the holidays, it's also been a bit busy.
    Here's the major updates:
    ~I made two new characters; say hello to Happy Hannah(Privateer) and Pretty Paige Parker(Swash)! If you see Happy Hannah around the Spiral, you'll most likely see Sarcastic Octavio De Bouff with. He's my brother, so we decided to quest together. Musketeer+Privateer=Awesomeness.
  5. For All You CAPTers;

    Just a special treat for all you CAPTers:

    My pirates names are Kindly Katie and Corrupt Courtney. They both have ponytails and their badges are their classes. Kindly Katie is a Privateer and Corrupt Courtney is a Witchdoctor.

    The glitch with the chat bubble as if I have text chat enabled is a problem with my characters. (Even though I have Open.)

    Have fun!
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