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  1. 12 days of the spiral day#3

    Write a Post for the KingsIsle Blog & Win Crowns!

    Today kicks off our annual holiday contest. This year we want you to put your creative writing skills to the test and write us a post for the KingsIsle Blog! You can win 60,000 Crowns by writing a blog post that we choose to publish on the KingsIsle blog.
    Contest Rules

    Each blog post entry should answer the following question: What has Wizard101 ...
  2. congrats ryan

    congrats ryan the relentless becoming part of the game
    have fun my friend
    and keep stock on that yum n nade
  3. Test realm open!

    test realm is open!

    The Test Realm is live once again and available for download. Please join us in testing the Stitching System! See the Update Notes page for more information about Eloise Merryweather's arrival in Pirate101's Test Realm and the upcoming Free-to-Play changes.

    - This Test Realm is available to Members with an Active Membership.
    - This Test Realm is also available to Crowns Players who have made a purchase of $6 or more in the last 30
  4. i a look out!

    i have a new rank on central and it is lookout!
    lookout for my new rank lookout
  5. pvp showdown contests

    we are holding contests for pvp hope to see you there!

    here are some contests for pvp!
    you may come watch
    or come battle!
    firstmate mania sponcers this!

    crew battle
    when: dec. 20 5:00pm eastearn
    place: valcano island
    meet: skull island docks

    survive 10
    when: dec 22 5:00pm eastearn
    place:valcano island
    meet: skull island docks

    more coming soon!
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