1. The Tongue-An Explanation

    In the Spiral, there are many different abilities one can gain. Some are magical, some are mundane, and some can operate strangely. The Tongue is one of these strange abilities.

    To put it simply, the Tongue is the ability to understand and converse with animals. This refers to all animals and nonsapients as a whole-a person who can communicate with some and not others has a different ability. What separates this from other powers is that a person will never realize the truth about ...

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  2. Q&A With...well, everyone.

    Seeing as I have literally nothing to do, I decided to let you guys ask questions to my characters-any of them. And it doesn't have to be you-if another character wants to ask the question instead, go right ahead! Rhyming not intentional. A few notes though:

    1-Spiral characters only.
    2-I may step in to answer, if there would be...issues with the actual character responding.

    So, um....any questions?