In loving memory - Chenoa

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Chenoa's Goodbye:

Yesterday my dog, Chenoa, died. She was born March 21st, 1999 in an animal shelter in Santa Barbara California. She was the runt of the litter and looked like a burrito when we first saw her. She had a big brother named Romeo who always looked out for her and made sure she got food at the shelter before her other siblings could eat it all. They used to catch her by her tail and drag her away, but Romeo would always stop them. My mother and I picked her out, but she really chose us. Before she was old enough to be adopted we would visit her at the shelter and she would always break away from the others to greet us. We all knew we belonged together, that we were a family. We took her home and watched her grow. As a puppy her fur was as soft as butter, her tail was tightly curled and both her ears were floppy. As she got older, one ear straightened but the other stayed floppy for a very long time (until she had an ear infection and had to have surgery, the scar kept it from flopping after that). Her tail also started to unwind more and more often, but her head and ears still remained as soft as a when she was a puppy, and she would still stare at us with the same adoring puppy dog eyes of hers. My mother made her a blanket of fabric scraps when we first brought her home. she would try to carry it all over the place and trip on it because it was so big and she was so small. In the beginning we could completely cover her entire body with it with room to spare, at the end it only covered her head. She loved that blanket her entire life and we will love her our entire lives. She took that blanket everywhere. Morning, noon, and night that blanket rarely left her side. If she was scared she would gather it up in her mouth and never let i go. If it was raining outside she would carry it with her when she went out to pee. It had to be patched up many times, and we will keep it safe for her even now that she is gone. she loved to bark at strangers, she hated most men and other dogs. We suspected that she sometimes thought she was a cat. She would hop around like a deer or a bunny when she got excited. She loved to play 'Monkey in the Middle'. She had two favorite toys, a snake and a squirrel. We nicknamed her 'Rambo Puppy' because during one of the blanket repairs there were some left over scraps of material that we knotted together into a rope and she whipped it around and it flipped out of her mouth and it flew up and twirled in the air and landed across her forehead like the red bandana worn by Rambo. She had the cutest face when it happened, her expression said "I'm confused, where did my new toy go? Hey wait, how did it get up there on my head?" She just sat there unsure how to get it off her head and back in her mouth to play with it. She learned quickly from that experience how to toss things into the air. She would often grab her snake or squirrel toys and fling them across the room and chase them all on her own -- her own private game. She broke my mom's favorite white ceramic duck planter that way. she tossed the toy up high and it landed on the poor duck planter. Chenoa bounded across the room and plowed down the duck to get her toy back. It made such a mess of the living room, dirt and leaves everywhere. She loved to stare out the front windows and sniff the air, or sleep by the back door waiting for one of us to come home from work or school. She used to bound down the porch steps into the backyard in a single leap. She used to try to dig up the patio tiles to get at goffers living under them. She enjoyed her visits to the nearby Eucalyptus park and found a friend in a dog we nicknamed "boyfriend". She would always run up to him, bark at him for a minute, sniff around his fence and then run away. She liked frizbee's and balls, but mostly because she liked pulling and biting them into tiny bits. When she finally managed to break apart the balls she would walk around with the mutilated toy with a smug expression as the pieces dangled from her mouth. The words "sweet success" often entered my mind when i watched her destroy each new ball. She was always there for me. Loyal and true, and i took that for granted sometimes, but i always loved her and I always will. She was always there for me. When I was sick she was a comfort. When I was sad she cheered me up. When I was scared she was my protector. I tried to be all those things and more for her as well. She used to crawl under my mother's desk and fall asleep at her feet as a puppy. When she got older she would still crawl under the desk and sleep there even though she didn't fit anymore. She would be all smooshed in awkward positions, but she did it anyway because it was her "den", her place of security where my mom was always watching over her. and it was the first place she ran to when she did something naughty and got in trouble (mostly from digging in the trash can). She was very close to a cat we had, Tigerlily (nicknamed Baby) who sadly left our family long ago. Chenoa was a mother to 'baby', looking after her the way her big brother Romeo took care of Chenoa as a puppy. When Baby was sick, Chenoa let her cuddle up close, keeping her safe and warm. When I was in the hospital, my mother would bring her t visit me every chance she could so that i didn't feel so lonely. It's been very hard watching her get older, knowing that someday she would have to leave my side. And now that she is gone I am trying to take comfort in all that she gave me by being in my life, and that someday when my life has ended she will be waiting for me on the other side. I don't want her to be gone, I want more time with her!!! Chenoa was a German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Coyote mix, and her name means "White Dove" in Cherokee. I chose that name because in the center of her chest below her chin she had a big patch of white fur over her heart amidst the golden that covered all the rest. She had a darker golden stripe down the center of her back and cute dark golden eyeliner around her eyes. Her fur was thick and got all over everything -- especially in summer. It hurts that I will not see her tail wag again, or hear her bark, or her funny raspy howl that always sounded like she had a swore throat, and the cute way she would throw her head back when she howled (like a wolf baying at the moon) all the while peering at us from the corner of her eye checking to see if we approved. We would clap and tell her she did good and then we would encourage her to do it again.

I will miss you every day! I know we will meet again! I love you, Chenoa!!!

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  1. an81angel's Avatar
    There were several typos (i was crying when i wrote this)

    Chenoa was a "mother" not a bother to Baby.
    She let baby cuddle up "close" not lose.
  2. RubyBlades's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by an81angel
    There were several typos (i was crying when i wrote this)

    Chenoa was a "mother" not a bother to Baby.
    She let baby cuddle up "close" not lose.
    I love that you made this blog to remember all the little details of Chenoa's life. She will live on in our hearts forever. It will be quite the reunion when the day finally comes to see her again. All the joy and happiness that will surely flood us again as we run up to each other; free of any pain and suffering, just happy jumps, and hugs, and kisses, and plenty of time to play fetch. I know she will be waiting for us at the bridge into the next life. I love you, we love you always, Chenoa!
  3. Avery Court Grace's Avatar
    Oh no I am soooo sorry...I love my dog Einstein and am so scared of something happening to him. Just know all that love was so beautiful for your dog and I grieve for your loss.
  4. Flash33's Avatar
    I am so sorry to hear that. My mom used to have a dog when she was young and her dog ended up dying as well one day when she got home from school. I am deeply saddened by your loss and will keep you in my prayers at night, it's the least that I can do after all.

    P.S. If it's not too much trouble, perhaps you'll consider spacing out the post into multiple paragraphs so that it's easier to read that way, though it's just a suggestion after all.
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