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Make-a-Wish strikes again!

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First we got our Ryan the Relentless here on Skull Island, and now the world of Wizard101 has a new NPC called Allan Ghostdust! Well, it is not a very happy story unfortunately. Recently this morning, Kevin DeClarke/Kevin Lifecaster tweeted that his brother, Allan Ghostdust, had passed away this morning. I wanna write this blog post to be sure that members on here are aware and that we all pay our respects to Kevin's family. Though there are plenty of us who dunno Allan much, we oughta remember him well by this day (1/2/2014) whenever we see him in Khrysalis on the other side of the Spiral. Allan, rest well above the clouds and watch your family well. Best wishes to Kevin as well, as his journey goes on with Allan in his memories.

(Courtesy to Johnny for the video)

Allan Ghostdust.jpg

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