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So about 2-4 hrs ago (quite early for game launch here in EST), Carbine Studios has officially released Wildstar to the public. Their main website header here is quite intimidating to look at as well:

Wondering whose face that is? Most of the active Twitch streamers of the game would tell you that is a boss and an antagonist of the current storyline called "The Entity". A galactic dragon to fight? Can't wait! Anyways, the company was courtesy enough to release a launch trailer without any profanity to it (if ya turn off annotations, you won't have to use the links in the end):

So ya wanna dive into a story that's rewritten George Lucas's Star Wars? Step right into Wildstar with me! Will you join the rebellious Exiles or swear your allegiance to the imperial Dominion? Who knows? Hopefully, a good amount of older players on here will be interested this game since it's taken 2 yrs of beta for research, hard editing, and testing to ensure that Wildstar is a whole new experience that deviates away from anything common with other MMORPGs. Until then, fellow pirates, ye shall still see me lurking in the Spiral. When the time comes, it be time for me to go to a whole 'nother galaxy to plunder me some Nexus gold!

Ciao for now!

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