Dissin' that Fool

Flames of Kan Po

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Sorry to all you Kan Po lovers but today our fail comes from Kan Po. What can we say about Kan Po? A strong swashbuckler with a hidden,heal and critical strike. A fan favorite companion used by witchdoctors and even some buy Yagi in the crown shop. Now what you will see in this picture below is that there were a lot of enemies on this floor which took a while since there was only three of us(somebody left game may have quit on them).
Picture 2014-09-21 03-36-40-957.jpg
Now I know you are wondering. Well good game next turn that's about easy to kill. Well guess what we didnt. Kan Po decided to miss so we got owned by flames. Let's just say we really did feel what pop corn felt like. I'm pretty sure the ice on Moo Manchu tower melted. Kan Po you have been added to the list of fools. Btw the pig had about 288 health left.
Picture 2014-09-21 03-40-10-587.jpg

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