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Beyond a Shadow of Doubt: Shadow Magic Theories and More: Part 1/7

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(Originally written by @The Hoodoo Master )

Reality is ephemeral.By properly altering ourselves,we can cast spells,by which we can align reality to our desires.Shadow Magic is an ancient form of magic, so powerful and so dangerous that Bartleby and Grandmother Raven told Merle Ambrose not to delve into it, and especially not teach it to his students. Shadow magic was forbidden for it touches the true essence of the Spiral. Although traces of it have escaped into the dark regions of the Spiral, it was largely unknown. Until Morganthe unlocked its secrets in the abyssal depths of Khrysalis...

Morganthe “opened the Pandora’s box” of Shadow Magic when she became the Queen of the Shadow Web. After her victory in Azteca she rebuilt the Celestial Choir and has expanded her knowledge of Shadow Magic. In her attempt to become the center of all magic in the Spiral, she has inadvertently allowed everyone of sufficient knowledge to learn Shadow Magic.

Grandfather Spider rebelled against the entire song of Creation,and rather than simply sing,he tried to funnel his own power,therefore,when he fell into his deep sleep,his dreams became twisted by his power,creating a whole new facet of reality.Shadow Magic is an underlying truth,which can bring about the miraculous that other spells cannot,at the price of Backlash.

In the Causal and Acausal Plane and Realm,the first duality is formed,where it is explicit and inescapable.The first manifestation of the liquid Shadow is the Abyss.The Abyss is a dark place...form and thought have not solidified yet,leaving only utter darkness.The main inhabittants of this realm are Cronus,or any who have been banished into the darkest depths through the most powerful ways(this includes souls eaten by Ammit the Devourer).

After this plane,one would notice on the adverse side the Realm of Insanity.And it is exactly what it sounds like,an insane place,where everything you love and hold dear is twisted into a wicked fear.All of the Shadow Realm's less desirable effects begin here,and in here,no ring will protect you.The fears are twisted into reality,fear,just as thought and emotion,exisiting as an aspect of reality,rather than a separation from it.With the exception,of course,that no ring will protect you.Only by knowing your own fear and silencing it,will you cross this place of torment.Much like the MEntal Plane,it begins to resemble our world,but with the warping and darkness quality to it.

We arrive at the penultimate degree of solidification,the adverse of the Astral Plane,the Shadow Realm.It is here that the inhabitants of the Shadowy Realm live,where most of it's magic comes from,and where it's powers dwell.Anything you want,may be manifested.There is indeed a boundary between the imagined and the possible,but not as profound as on the Physical Plane.

The primary manner of accessing the Shadow Realm from the Physical Plane is through what is called the Backdoor,called Mrak.The Backdoor is just a spot between the Astral Plane and the Shadow Realm that is used to access it.

It takes the power of the true nature of reality,and from this primordial nothingness twists anything and everything towards the whims of the Operator,even being capable of rewriting the Song of Creation,in alterations that are unimaginable.

Old Cob foresaw this in the form of his prophecy,where he deemed the Shadow Web,as not a physical web,but simply the scope of his influence over the current reality.

Various places in the Spiral had access to this magic,an example being the rare and secret teachings of Baba Yaga,the Bony Legged Witch(witch Omar will be talking about in his posts(pardon the pun))

Only recently has the knowledge of the Archmagi been released into the public.In Khrysalis,some wizard restored a fountain at the heart of the Arachna Empire.Before that,an Order of renegade monks and magi known as the Order of the Black Widow were the holders of it's secrets and the first to release it's initations into the public.Sa ::crk::'a Van ::Zen-zen:: was one of their most vocal members.

He was born and raised in Khrysalis,in a farm.He gathered the money for a more formal education,where in he joined the Archmagi.He took a trip to Krokotopia,wherein he claims a spirit enlightened him,and spent several days dictating to him a tome:The TOme of Sa ::crck:: a Van ::zen-zen:: which is to this day considered one of the most powerful tomes on Shadow Magic(and has been lost until Dr Albright of the Marleybonean museum recovered it)

Sa ::crck:: a Van ::zen-zen:: shared his secrets with the public and was evicted from the Archmagi of the Arachna Empire,having founded his own order known as the Order of the Black Widow.Cob may lay dormant,but his dreams took on forms,and these forms all guided him along his path.His order may have been a secret one and a forbidden one but it was through it that most of the Shadow Magic became unlocked.And after Morganthe's actions in the Solar Arc,it's full power was released into the world.

The Order had nine degrees of initiation that culminated with the tenth,in which only nine archmagi could,at a time,be disembodied ascendant masters.While the Spirits demanded servitude,these are by far nine extremely powerful wizards who have reality trapped in their webs.The highest of priesthoods could only be bestowed by Old Cob himself,and thus required rare relics,and a point of mastery,which is why very few have ever pushed as far as to fully master this point,and most remain journeymen,initiates,aspirants,or even high magi,but never truly ascendant masters of the Shadows,known as the Latrodectus.

With the recent awakening of Cob,who knows what further is to happen...

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