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Spirit of Knowledge:The Angels PART 2

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Images of chubby, winged cherubs that drift on painted clouds and beautiful, maternal women in flowing white robes linger in the mind as the prime archetypes of supposed angelogy, even if such manifestations are far from reality. Although the original Latin word "angelus" literally means "messenger," it is clear even from the time of the first war in heaven that the angels do much more than deliver messages. Sammael brought pestilence to Krokotopia in the form of seven plagues. Gabriel turned cities into a sea of sulfur and brimstone. Michael guards the swirling fiery rings of the Lord of Light's throne. The angels stand as warriors, waiting for their names to be called by their Lord to fly into the battlefield, armed with the might of the Eternal.

Now for definitions!By definition:

"An Angel is a spirit,molded from amorphous divine liquid light,that in it's essence represents a service to the Will of the Divine,or the Operator.

Now,let me clarify that.The angel isn't necessarily always good,he can lay curses upon an entire city of innocent people.However,he will always serve a greater will.

That greater will,is usually in a hierarchy,as it will take orders from the Lord of Light himself more seriously than a wandering spirit.It's a complicated hierarchy,but bottom line,is they lack any free will,serving the will of others alone."

Now, to clarify, not all angels lack free will, only the most common of them do. The Aeonic Angels, created by the Lord of Light at the same time as Heaven itself, do have free will, but any other angel lacks this.

The will of the divine may be the will of the Lord of Light,of his Templars,of the Loa...or your will.

Messengers: Messengers are just that; messengers. They deliver messages, nothing to it. That does not, however, make them any less powerful, or deadly. A powerful messenger angel can easily give Hermes a run for his money in both speed and strength, though not as wide a range of abilities.The angel leading these angels is named Gabriel.
Healers: Healers, much like the Messengers, are just what they sound like. They are medics, extremely powerful ones at that. They can heal any physical wound with ease. Though other kinds, wounds of the mind, or worse, of the soul, are much more difficult to manage, but they usually succeed.The angel leading these angels is named

Teachers: Again, they are just what you might expect. Teachers train warriors, tutor scientists, and advise scholars. They are among the wisest of beings, and most knowledgeable.The angel leading these,is named Raziel.

Guardians: Guardians are the warriors and gate-keepers of Heaven. They are extremely powerful in combat, and nearly indestructible. They range in size from that of a normal man, to that of a giant. They are an awe-inspiring sight.The angel leading these angels is Auriel.

Seraphim: The Seraph translates from the tongue of the Ancient First World to ''the Burning One'',and this is meant to describe their appearance as one enraptured in living flames.For as Bartleby's Song of Creation does keep echoing,it is consistently boosted.When on the Higher Plane,the light will move downwards,into creation,as it does from the Eternal Source.The same holds true for the Song of Creation that molds this light.As it distills into the World it creates.The powers of creation,and Light Magic are in the hands of immensely powerful angels that serve the sole purpose of forming their angelic choir and cantillating the tune that did bring the Spiral into existence and that will keep expanding it.Such angels,are known as Seraphs.Cherubim: Cherubim are in the tongue of the First World translated into ''the mighty'',and ''the blessed'',their sole purpose is to attend to and serve the divine,whatever such divine will be.They serve,to perform any and every action that other angels do not cover.These can range from feats of magic(not miracle but literal magic),to things like forging.They are eclectics,with a mastery of skills and arts,sciences and powers,that few can match,although their artistry would lack the angelic touch that other angels have,and would be comparable to a master artisan of the mortal lot.See,for while a guardian angel is nigh-unbeatable to mere mortals,and a messenger angel will show himself more speedy than any carrier,these cherubim,due to diversity in their skills,will always perform on equal level to a mortal equivalent of their specific tasks.It is for these reasons,that they are the easiest to summon,and the most often commanded,by Templars,magicians,and children,among others.The leaders of these angels,are the 7 Angelic Queens.

Virtues: Virtues are tulpas,egregores,thought-forms.While many a spirit of darkness due come from the Spirits of vices,the virtues come from the spirit of virtues.They are autonomous spiritual entities symbiotically working with the spreaders of the virtues they embody.In such a manner,the Virtues grow the more people carry their virtue,yet their mere influence growing also increases the emotion,feeding this more and more.As elevators of Hope,Mercy,Love,or any other similar idea,they do lack free will,as do most angelic creatures,but instead of being guided by the Lord of Light purely,or the relics of SHadowmoor,or the likes,they are guided by the will of their communities.Indeed,for the Spirit of Mercy will will what the merciful will,and the Spirit of Hope will will what the hopeful will.This is another consequence of their symbiosis,and the sole basis of their existence.The one who leads these spirits of light,is The Spirit of Good.
Punishers: Punishers refer to the accusers,the smitters,and the destroyers.Their act is an act of love,but an act that most will not see as such.Indeed,for they will desecrate valleys,turning cities into seas of salt and brimstone,bringing plagues over entire nations,inspiring rebellions,overthrowing empires,and blackening suns.Such acts seem vile,they seem wicked,but indeed,they are meant to be transformative.While a slightly more grim sort of angel,these ones do not lean towards the darkness,for their will is the will of the Creator,to destroy the dysfunctional,and exalt the ascendant.The purpose of these angels,is to show to evil the truth of their actions,and to redeem them,even if it be through more grim actions.This is why they are rarely used,for rarely does the Creator want to destroy,and the only real purpose for their use is to redeem.The angel that leads these angels,is named Gabriel.
Angel of Death: Angels of Death, with supreme reverence to their duty,are psychopomps,who abide by the same laws as any other psychompomps,such as Baron Samedi,Ganesha,Death,etc. and the specific path of death is different for many an individual,for only the most supreme of necromancer,and enlightened of mystics know what lies beyond the veil.However,it is known that these angels derive no role in killing the individual,but simply seeing it die,and resurrecting them,in a state outside the body,to lead them into their next destination.They are a secretive bunch,for death,the afterlife,and all such things are rather obscure,to all safe the initiate.These angels,also do not know where and when certain deaths will happen,instead like vultures they do manifest,the moment a cadavre does come.The angel that leads these angels,is named Azrael.
Dark Angels (Demons): better known as Demons are a complex bunch.When we've defined angels,we've conversed on the fact that they represent the execution of a higher will and a higher will alone.The demonic,can indeed disobey their summoner and many of them do incite more malevolent actions,but that is not their main defining purpose,nor is it their main characteristics.There are demons,that when summoned,even by a Templar,will obey without doubt,and there are demons,who are genuinely good,in the sense that they'd promote virtue and work for a less immoral(less hedonistic,less materialistic etc.) cause.The main defining feature of a demon,is the exertion of his will.An angel has no free will,and thus can't use it.The mortal has free will,and can use it.In between,the demon has free will,but can't use it.The primary reason why they serve either summoner,or Khaos is to exert their will in the process.
The Aeonic Demons were angels that rebelled,this is what we refer to as Devils.Chief among the Devils or Aeonic demons was the Ordog.All of their progeny,are the creatures called demons.And they all serve Khaos,at least unconsciously,and many don't even know that they're doing it.We will get more into the demonic,once we do one of these on the Void.

All of these angels,in turn,are under the command of the Lord of Light,and his right hand man Michael,the Arch Angel.

the hierarchy of wills the Angel will follow is the following:

-The Lord of Light's will and the will of the source
-The will of the Arch Angel,the Templars,and any intermediaries
-The will of the more pious man
-the will of the less pious one

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