Shadow's Guide to RolePlay Lore: Events.

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{NOTE: This blog will often be heavily edited, and many descriptions will change as people add suggestions, things will be added, and in some cases may be omitted. So be sure to check often in case things have changed.}

ATTENTION: So I've recently decided that, instead of creating one massive hard-to-navigate-blog-post, I'll be making several smaller blog-posts for each category. This will be the "events" category post.

I encourage everyone to post in the comments about things you'd like me to add to the Guide. I will typically use your exact wording, but this may not be the case all the time. If, at any moment, you come up with additions to subjects you've already submitted to the Guide, do not be afraid to post another comment about it, telling me what to add and, if you wish, where to insert it into the article. Information needed for added subjects is nonexistent. Just be sure to give me all the information you come up with on the subject as you create/discover it. The creator's name will be put in parentheses next to the subject of their creation.

I hope you all enjoy helping me create the Guide and find it helpful and useful. To all who aided me in the creating of this Guide I give a hearty thanks and shoutout!


Battle of the Necropolis (The Hoodoo Master):
This was a battle fought between the Doomringer,and the Undertaker,two brothers who were supposed to inherit the Necropolis among other things,from their father the Gravedigger.The two brothers were wildly different,and growing hostilities caused them to eventually take it out on each other.The two attacked each other,and the undead battled.By the end of the fight,the entire Necropolis was desecrated,and many of the bodies were destroyed.So the Gravedigger sought to punish them,by denying them death.The two still wander to this day.

Battle of the Passage of the Spirits (The Hoodoo Master):

Tension between the political superpowers of the Spiral within the Polarian War led them to commit atrocities within the other worlds of the Spiral,including the mysterious city of Shadowmoor,renown for its great Cathedral which honored all of the Spirits of the Spiral.When the Powers unleashed the Siege of Shadowmoor,the city was surrounded.The Powers of the Spiral came,pillaging and desecrating the Cathedral,smashing the altars,destroying the idols,and such.The Spirits,enraged at this sacrilege,plunged the Cathedral into the Spirit World,where it remains to this day.

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  1. The Hoodoo Master's Avatar
    Jinnistan AKA The City of Brass: a decadent and fiery place surrounded by sand and elemental chaos, the City of Brass is a wonder of metal and stone buildings where the ruling Jinn amuse themselves and where the some of the most dangerous things can be bought and sold. As a colony of Djinn, particularly those who had served under King Salomon, this place is a city built on decadence and vice. Much can be procured and learned within the libraries, bazaars, and palaces within, but few can withstand the trials of the capricious denizens, the scheming merchants, or the machinations of the city's refining demons. Speaking of witch, the Brass City holds the largest presence of the Infernal as it is the City closest to the Plane of Fire and the Inferno. Then again, in a depraved city where the Seven Deadly Sins run rampant and where pacts are made and broken, it would almost be weirder of they didn't flock here like moths to a candle.

    There is a pillar of black stone,where the Efreet,known as Dahish resides.He was a powerful Caliph of his kind,the Efreet,back in the old days,but was known as an untrustworthy wild card,and as powerful in the arts of fire as they come.One of the sons of Iblis(first of the Jinn and their king) had an idol of red carnelion of which the Efreet was guardian. The King of the land rebelled against Salamon. Salamon wanted to marry the beautiful daughter of the King. She loved the idol but Solomon wanted them to renounce it. The King refused and went to his idol for advice. Dahish went into the idol and spoke for it that the King should fight Salamon. The King beat Salamon’s messenger and sent him back to his master.

    Salamon was enraged and went with his army of a million manders, Jann, birds and reptiles. But the King wouldn’t give in. The battle began and the Efreet fought Al-Dimiryat, King of the Jann, from whom he eventually had to flee. The rest of the army was always beaten. After three months Dahish was overtaken by Al-Dimiryat and brought before Solomon. He imprisoned Dahish in the pillar, chained him and sealed it with his ring.And then came the fire seal.A symbol of power,this happened around the time when the Kroks first came to the land.The Fire Seal kept the Efreet's wards from breaking and had him imprisoned.

    The Kroks were seen,at the time,as generous neighbors who came to the Manders to socialize.Sothmekhet,a powerful wizard of ice,was given the Fire Seal.Empires fell,times changed,but Sothmekhet still remained in his sanctum in the Karahnan Barracks,immortal,and guarding the seal.

    That is,until a Fire Wizard of immense poise and power came,under the tutelage of Professor Falmea.Falmea sent the Wizard to break the seal,so that she could teach the wizard how to summon the Efreet.The Wizard broke the seal and summoned the Efreet into the ruins of Dragonspyre,where he was ready to claim vengeance on the world that imprisoned him.Upon seeing the ruins,Dahish realized his service was no longer needed,and returned to wherever he came from,but not before swearing to answer the call fo any fire wizard brave enough to summon him,and obeying as he desecrates their foes.

    A blackness with twin lights. The wall of the city are of black stone and it has two towers of Miragean brass.There are scrolls,everywhere,pertaining the transience of life,and it's innate beauty.Wards defend the inside of the city,as 25 gates must be opened to enter,by turning the pin on a brass horseman statue 25 times.The Dead here are gluttonous,for many died of famine,a fate they do not wish to repeat.

    One may find Tadmurah,once a princess,now a woman standing and watching the city in the riches of her lifetime.The city is ruled by a court of Jinn,one belonging to each family,and are all over seen by the Grand Padishah of Jinn.

    Tenebrous AKA the Hollow City: was once a decadent and powerful city-state of mercenaries who enriched the city with blood-money. They soon became corrupt and began to strive towards their own empire. However, the tactical minds of the city's founders was almost lost and the officials were impatient with how slow it would take. After a string of defeats, the nobles began to look towards different avenues of attaining their empire. They dabbled with demons, primordial beings, Shadow Magic, and other forbidden and lost thing, most of which was found in their ill-gotten gains.

    In an alarming speed, the city had amassed a huge army of zombies and cruel horrors, disastrous powers from who-knows-where, and the aid of demons and shadowy spirits. However, in it was not ready no able to pay the high price their beneficiaries demanded.The desecration of the Cathedral,meant that the Shadow Sun withdrew it's divine gifts,and the unholy beasts rebelled against those who would not pay their dues and ends.Now,The population is a mix of horrors, demons, humans, a few Unseelie, and a large slave class of gargoyles, zombies, and shattered souls.

    As for who runs it, the Social Darwinism and upheavals hide those who truly run the place. The Houses, Cults, and Orders focus on who has the noble title which give the authority to obliterate enemies and sway the flow of profit to their advantage while they can. This means that the City has new rulers come and go, usually through havoc. However, despite this, the bazaars, gangs and more subtle secret societies seem to always come out mostly unscathed. As such the merchant class allow this to happen knowing that the only things that will truly get them temporarily killed is aligning yourself with any one house and making sure your the one giving out the swords/bandages or the ones the lazier players hire to do the dirty work.

    It's slums and undergrounds are some of the worst places one could possibly imagine.They rest so close to the Hells,one can smell the toxic fumes of sulphur,therein.However,even in a Land of Thieves and Sinners,there are those who are pious and virtuous.
  2. The Hoodoo Master's Avatar
    The Execution Isles AKA Talon's Empire:

    The isles rests on the edge of all worlds discovered or not in all the spiral. It is the home to many unique creatures who don't belong anywhere else. The isles are guarded by a banshee who rarely lets any mortal past and a bone dragon who keeps immortals from passing in, unless they need a home they can't find elsewhere.

    Execution isles are filled with thugs and criminals, who may or may not be wanted on some worlds. Some of the inhabitants however, are better than they look, but don't want to leave the city that is ruled by Talon the Conqueror. He, as well as some of the inhabitants of Execution Isles can be found at this link: Crew of the Screaming Spirit.

    The isles has many acres in one world upon all of them. It is basically a trans-dimensional pocket that has many tears in it's frame. As a result of it not being in one place, many different creatures teleport there accidentally from unknowingly walking into the tears of the fabrics of reality, that is the kingdom of the Execution Isles.The Execution Isles was a prison at one time, owned by Shadowmoor, a famous city that was banished to the spirit world. Now, however it is a piece of history long forgotten by all the residents of the spiral.

    The Execution Isles are inhabited by creatures, some of which can be found no where else in the spiral, because they come from parallel spirals.

    Talon the Conqueror was literally born in shadow, so he is one of the most powerful Shadowmancers. He has bathed in the river styx for a full week countless lifetimes ago, which granted him invincibility and immortality. However, since bathing in the Styx for that long is impossible without disintegrating, Talon had to serve 5,000 years in Tartarus, before he was released by agents of Khaos. He was also robbed of his former race, instead of serving another 10,000, adding onto 5,000 years in the dungeon of Hades.

    After Talon was released, however he founded the Execution Isles of the spiral, a near abandoned and long forgotten, (except by the residents of the isles) prison, that was, in ancient times used to extinguish immoral and evil souls in the most painful way possible, all behind the curtains of the edge of all the spiral.

    Arcadia AKA the City of the Harmonious:
    This is exactly what it sounds like.It is a place of harmony with the natural world,inhabitted by and ruled by mighty turtle races from who-knows-where.They are aged,and wise.The people focus their time on playing music,pastorialism,shamanism,and philosophy.

    It is surrounded by lush mountains and brilliant meadows,with gazebo-like structures filling it and tying it to the rest of the world.The people do not focus on war,most know not how,or even why to fight,and their worldview bases itself on the belief that resources are not limited.

    Despite it's utopian appearance,it is nonetheless filled with an ominous air.A former leader of this place was a turtle named Agartha.He strived for knowledge,and power,greater than what can be comprehended by mere mortals.He sought the power in forbidden places,and was exiled,but not before he laid a curse on the city,that it's infinite resources would become limited,and discord would prevail.

    Heroes stopped the monster,demanded he revoke the curse,which he did not,and so was imprisoned at the bottom of the city,in a complex dungeon,his curse resting with him.Until one would seek to rouse him from his sleep...

    Buyan:This is a tiny island,that Koschei used to hide his phylacteri.Koschei the Deathless keeps his soul hidden there, secreted inside a needle placed inside an egg in the mystical oak-tree; other legends call the island the source of all weather, created there and sent forth into the world by the god Perun.

    Méchanisme AKA The Filigree City :Several hundred years before,a gambler and a monk embarked,on a long trek through the endless prairies of the North.They had a fierce debate,about chance and Fate,and to resolve they agreed a game of cards should be played.The game went on all day,and they played and played.People gathered,placing bets on the monk,and the gambler.

    Each time it seemed one would win,the balance was tipped to the other.They continued to play,and an entire city built around them.The gambler was about to win,clearly claiming that he had the right,and the monk then swore that by his blessing he wouldn't win.

    The gambler laughed,and died before he could play his cards,so the truth of the matter was never settled.The city itself was a wonderful place with a few chapels,lovely squares,and a fine clocktower,that pulses throughout the city echoing it's power.

    The Filigree City's location prior to it's fall is unknown.The buildings are in a baroque style,with all the ornamentations that come with it,and ubiquitous gargoyles.The entire city,was a center of scientific achievement,as they reveled in the creation of clockworks.

    Three most famous groupings of clockworks were the Valencian clockworks,the MArleybonean,and the Filigree's.Their designs differed,and Valencian ones are some of the best developed.Mechanisme's were some of the earliest.The entire city was filled with clocks.

    The city as a whole eventually became obsessed with the finality of death and in their own way revolted against it through their alchemy and science. However, their battle between Life and Death didn't stop at possessing automatons with the Dead. They also bound powerful forces to said dolls, creating incredibly dangerous creatures and people. Also, they somehow learned how to extend their own lives by imbuing enchanted metals into their flash and bones. This gave them access to new forms of magic and was perfected so that not only did they delay death, but they were dazzling to look upon.

    However, their advances went too far. Soon whole quarters traded away their bodies for metal suits in an attempt to create "immortality". This craze is where several people drew the line, claiming that this process took away a piece of their humanity (or whatever their race is). Also, the dolls started to go berserk due to the trauma of their binding, their longing to return to the Other Side, and/or being an entity that would have best been left alone.

    After several years of tense peace, a string of events and deed done on all sides caused a civil war to break out. A metallic aristocracy tried to silence an enraged working class, which had moved on to a dieselpunk style. The working class began a riot which cried for the destruction of the Automatons. Finally, the steam-powered Possessed began to overthrow the Baroque ruling class for their insolence and abuse towards them. After decades of civil war, society was beginning to crumble and the city was tearing itself apart.

    This is where the First City decided to intervene. Offering it's services to all sides, who agreed to it's aid, both the Masters and the Archons agreed that if the city was so bent on ripping itself to shreds, who are they to deny their craving? So, they instigated a massive battle and the factions began to zealously fight each other in the streets. As they fought, the Cities fed upon it and together the began to spell Méchanisme's doom. By the time they realized that they were tricked, it was too late as cyclonic winds flew from the heavens. After an hour of world-wracking winds, the city was ripped to shreds and torn form the earth where it stood. However, the Fallen Cities would not waste such potential. It shared their defiance of Death, but it needs to be cured of it's hubris in a way that mere desecration wouldn't supply.
  3. The Hoodoo Master's Avatar
    The First City AKA The Fallen City,the Vanished City,the Bazaar of the Fallen Cities,the Great Market,the Home of the Archons and others

    The Fallen Cities are numerous, but when one says "the Fallen City", all know which one they mean. It's an ancient place where the lost and destroyed find their way to be reused or sold. countless buildings, houses, and palaces have found their way here, some through shadowy deals, some for retribution, and some simply for the fun of it. Throughout the city many forces are at work as they set plans in motion, undo their rivals, and further their ambitions. Called the First City, the Great Market, the Bazaar of the Fallen Cities, and the Vaniched City, the true name has been lost to the ravages of time, though some would say that the so-called Archons and certain informed characters in the city.

    As the First City to be brought beyond the Spiral, this port is largely considered to be the, the Intermediary between the the Cities. It's here where most of their internal conflicts are settled and where a majority of trade between them take place. As for it's relations with the Spiral at large, it strangely has the least interference and the most. The City itself never directly intervenes in the affairs of the Spiral save for very rare occasions. However, the fact that it's the crossroads of the other cities means that the schemers of the Spiral always begin their infiltration here. No large plays have yet to be made, but certain characters within the Cities and outside it foresee that the likelihood of a secret war over the Currencies and Secrets that flow down here is high.

    The City is a peculiar sight to say the least. It's a hodgepodge of boulevards, plazas, alleys, and streets from various eras and time periods. Unlike some other places, it's not exactly thrown together. You can see some effort was made to make it flow together and they sometimes succeed exponentially. The magnificence of Embassy Rd is a perfect example, with the architecture flowing seamlessly from the styles o one City to another. On the other hand, some streets have been known to pick themselves up and move across the river to better neighborhoods, which just undos these attempts. Because of this, mapping out the city is almost impossible, since whole Districts shuffle around with a moment's notice.But what can you do when your city has a will and agenda of it's own?

    The sky, or what could be taken as a sky, adds on to the strangeness of the Fallen City. it has no real sky, per say, just an infinite blanket of darkness. there are strange spheres that could be considered stars, but they don't act like stars and are infamous for rearranging themselves. Except on rare occasion, there is no sun that bathes the city with light (unless you consider the rare visit by the Shadow Sun to be it). Also, there's the issues with the Sanguine Moon. Now when it's a New moon, it's silvery and full like a normal full moon would be. Then it begins to fill with red light until it becomes blood red. Since this makes said moon exceptionally heavy, it is known to sometimes fall and crash into the city below, be that Tenebrous or the First City (they share said moon). This obviously causes massive damage that will rebuild itself and enough casualties to keep them dead for three whole days (Fallen Cities, am I right?). After that it floats back up and slowly wanes, expunging it's sanguine color through a thick fog the color of rust. After a fog-filled waning, the moon becomes a silvery white and the cycle occurs all over again.

    Finally, there is the greatest draw of the First City: The Characters within it and the City itself. This place, more than the other Cities, runs of the characters that drive the machinations that dictate every aspect of the city. The enigmatic Mr. Wright always has his ear out for secrets and clues to add in his paper. The Broker of Secrets and the Scandalmonger seek to divulge the darkest deeds of the city's denizens for blackmail and/or amusement. The Carnival is run by the one and only Mr. Pennycoat. The rooftops are controlled by the lackeys of a young chimney sweep. the Blackwater Syndicate, locally called the "Cabbage Mafia", helps smuggle contraband in and out of the city and occasionally beyond. Another batch of criminals is under the employ of La Marchesa. There is a band of revolutionaries who aspire to raise the Cities back to the Spiral, that is, if they don't blow them up first.

    These people and mere are what keeps the city running and ever-changing. However, the greatest hero, villain, visionary, and destroyer of this city are the Masters and the City Itself. The City has a mind of it's own, shifting itself at will and usually without anyone's consent. The place even has some traits of personality, like how it's shrewd, hates anything from Krokotopia and would destroy itself before it made a bad bargain. The Masters on the other hand are the local name of the figures who have been "collecting" these cities. Little is openly known about them in the Spiral, which sees them as a dark cabal of figures tearing what they will out of the fabric of the Spiral. However, even the most secretive figures in the Cities scoff at this notion. The entities in question are too conflicted and colorful to have much ulterior motives as a whole. Nevertheless, despite the rumors that they represent themselves as the major players in the Cities, their motives remain unknown and their end goals obscure.
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    Law Magic

    Law magic is bureaucracy.It is one of the more passive forms of magic.Law Magic basically revolves around the philosophy that if you enforce enough rules upon an opponent and their powers, they will have to submit. They will be focusing too much on trying to bend and loophole through the Law Mage's magic to be able to actually do anything. To this end, it can counter spells and even prevent any form of magic from occurring, providing they know how their magic works.They begin by invoking a variety of restrictions, regulations, bans, laws, and fail-safes. While they are putting these into effect, they are also making sure that their opponents are not truly causing them trouble. Oh, they'll lead you along for a while, but they go too far, the law mage simply counters it. There is always a Higher Power,or several,to enforce these laws.

    The Mongers

    the Mongers, they might just be the closest thing to a villain in the Fallen Cities. They're a rather cryptic sort, managing the many, many dealings within the markets of the Cities. Unlike other merchants, however, they're rather unnatural in both the extent of their reach and the powers they wield. Not only that but they are also major influences in the affairs of the denizens, to the point where they have power equal to that of the Archons and almost as much as the Masters. Not too terrible, maybe. However, they are also responsible for permeating the vices and misery that forever plague these cities, almost as if they make sure that there's always something... interesting going on.

    For example, it's no secret that the Warmonger has been pivotal in most of the upheavals that keep Tenebrous on it's feet. Since the rise of Shadowmoor, a Spiritmonger has arrived and within a year has taken hold of most aspects of the infamous Soul Trade. the Sailmonger has the entire business of travel between the Cities and the Spiral under his thumb. Word has begun to spread of a Squallmonger who has begun to stir within the Azalca Project.

    That's the thing: there independent in almost all ways save for their name. Each has their own area of influence that they know better than to cross each other. Well, at least, the Mongers keep away from each other's domains. the Denizens, not so much. There almost like primordial manifestations of the Vices of the City's denizens.

    The Mongers walk a fine line between being a necessary evil and a parasite of the Fallen Cities. It is said that they are the Master's tool for keeping the Cities from becoming Utopias, an extreme that many denizens would reject for being too perfect. They keep the Machine of trade turning and make sure that the twisted immortality of the Fallen Denizens never become bored of monotonous and bleak lives down here. Through their machinations, they keep it's players on edge.
    It's a strange description. the Warmonger is described as a minotaur yet has more creatures spliced into it's being than a chimera. His horns are that of a ram, his tail is that of a scorpion's, he's grown porcupine needles at times... It can get pretty monstrous. On the other hand, he's also been seen as a human with many battle scars and with black hair, no monstrous signs to be seen. Then you notice his red eyes, his scruffy body-hair, his claw-like nails.

    They are almost eldritch in nature, shifting their form and augmenting it to the point of abomination and being almost-human. However, when you come across a Monger, a deep feeling of dread will let you know exactly what it is.

    At the end of the day, the Mongers seem to be a culmination of vices and sins that the Cities brought with them when they Fell. However, in their own twisted way, they both disrupt the lives of the Cities' Denizens and help it at once. The Warmonger makes sure that Tenebrous knows no peace, but by doing so, he helps foster strength and determination in it's people, one thing that all denizens of that city covet. The Soul Trade is in many ways a terrible thing, but it is far better for this trade to be overseen and regulated than being a rampant and unchecked market where no one's soul is safe. The Sailmonger may be incredibly paranoid about anything and anyone going from City to City to the point where he inadvertently is the prime reason why Smugglers exist down there, but he has also been able to keep the Imperial Powers from worming their way down here to slowly take control from the Cities and it's inhabitants.

    There's the Warmonger,Spiritmonger,Sailmonger,Squallmonger,and Scandalmonger.There's also a famine-monger who's name has yet to be revealed to most.


    Azalca,is the most recent city.When Azteca was destroyed by Morganthe, the Cities suffered a major blow from its obliteration. There were secrets and items of power that they had yet to completely attain or unveil, and the world's destruction happened too quickly for them to strip the world clean of everything of value. Oh, and they tried to dredge up that which was lost from the souls and ruins of the world, but the Void consumed almost everything and there were few souls that made it into Tenebrous to reveal much. You see, the Cities had no proper correlation to Azteca's vibrant life, and thus they began to think that the world and it's treasures were forever lost.

    Then Shadowmoor rose from the grave...

    Shadowmoor is in many ways the odd man out among the Cities, primarily because it resurrected itself. No other city was wiped off the face of the earth before they fell. In fact, their Fall was always a result from it's leaders/denizens making a deal with the First City to become Fallen instead of being wiped off the face of the world. However, Shadowmoor rose from the Grave without the help of the First City and chose to become among the other Cities, for it was also forsaken from the rest of the worlds though they still hold some resentment because of it.t

    Because of this, people began to think: If a city can bring itself back from oblivion, can the Fallen Citied bring a dead city back to life?

    With the City of the Deathless giving the other Cities access to the Mirrored Veil, the Cities began to scour these worlds and Beyond for as many semblances of Azteca the could find. Souls were bought for high prices to help guide their hand. relics were studied and used as conduits of ancient power. Even the Spirits of Azteca were saved from oblivion once Shadowmoor frantically consecrated their shrines to them and built ones for those without. In exchange for their salvation from nameless oblivion, they aided in helping bring life into this great machination amongst Fallen Cities. And not too long ago (in the RP storyline that is), things have begun to be set in motion. The rituals have commenced and the Cities are reveling and riling themselves up to feed this energy to the dead world.

    And it has begun to show results! There is a conflux of Life felt from the First City. Secrets and Souls from dead Azteca are flocking to this cauldron of creation. Some have said that notes of the Great Song are repeating themselves there. There are even echos heralding from lost Knossos apparent! Wait..

    As we speak, things are getting out of the Cities' hands. They tries to focus on Azteca, but it seems that this new city has other ideas. the old Aquillan Empire is whispering in the primordial chaos. the circles and machinery used to start this thing have begun to grow new and unnatural varieties of foliage that have either been long dead or have never existed. Omar Underwood once said that the site has been where he has heard a twisted chorus of the Song of Berserk Growth and had half his hair being like grass to prove it.

    The Cities tried to control it, but to no avail. This new City will not allow itself to be tamed, it seemed. Then again, this is probably how it should be. What happens now is out of the hands of the Denizens, for good or for ill. What it will eventually become, no one is quite sure. They only know one thing for certain:

    The Primal City of Azalca shall bring untamed Life to the Cities devoid of anything natural. Mechanisme couldn't breed it. Tenebrous will never subjugate it. the Brass City won't ever tame it. only the First City can influence it and the Ghost city can enlighten it.That which was wild will live wild once more.
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    All of the above ideas were made in collaborations between me and @the Undead Obeah ,so see to it that you credit us both.There's more to come,still made in collaboration.

    The Deathless

    The Deathless refers to the denizens of Shadowmoor.Their bodies remain preserved in the Necropolis of Shadowmoor,which is one of the most important places in the entire city.The Deathless are basically ghosts,though differ from them in many ways.For one thing,they are highly material.They can touch things,pull on ropes,push things,drink,eat,revel,and such.But they can still phase through walls,and perform other ghostly things,and manipulate their level of materialization.

    Since Shadowmoor is already between the Material and Spirit World,it really doesn't matter how materialized they are.Not all denizens of Shadowmoor are dead,of course,but the dead ones walk among the living.The Deathless can be eliminated if their bodies are salted and burned,or if a bigger fish(read more powerful spirit) eats them,or kills them.In fact,many of the bodies that were desecrated in the Battle of the Necropolis,were indeed the anchors of spirits that perished.

    The Deathless are ruled by a High Council,known as the Obzedat.The Obzedat are some of Shadowmoor's founders,who are apotheosized as the Deathless,and are the most powerful of the lot.

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    The Battle of the Necropolis

    This was a battle fought between the Doomringer,and the Undertaker,two brothers who were supposed to inherit the Necropolis among other things,from their father the Gravedigger.The two brothers were wildly different,and growing hostilities caused them to eventually take it out on each other.The two attacked each other,and the undead battled.By the end of the fight,the entire Necropolis was desecrated,and many of the bodies were destroyed.So the Gravedigger sought to punish them,by denying them death.The two still wander to this day.
  7. The Hoodoo Master's Avatar

    Bells are powerful things.Shadowmoor is known for being the City of the Deathless,for few people truly die.Many are elevated after life,to live on as powerful entities known as the Deathless,and the entire veil between the mortal world and the spirit world is completely over-the-top skewed.

    The bell's sound echoes through the fabric of reality and blurs the veil.The source of the Deathless,and their lives,is the Requiem Bell.Inspired by the Requiem Bell,there is a kind of necromancer,that specializes in a very unique lichdom.This necromancer,is called a doomringer.

    The Doomringer will find a cadaver,the condition of which needs to be perfect for the ritual to work.The fresher,the better,with almost no decomposition,or decay,if possible.The Doomringer will also bring an offering,and a magic bell,preferrably silver.

    The ritual to call create a doomringed deathless,is intentionally arcane and vague,obscured after centuries.Much like Corpse-Stitching,such knowledge isn't supposed to be in everyone's hands.What is known about the operation,though,is far from pretty.

    First,the necromancer will kill something.He will either do so directly,in the ritual,or place a deadly curse that will immediately be put into action,claiming the life of another.This action alone will begin to tear his soul,and like all liches,he will embrace it,and funnel the torn soul-piece,into the bell,with the bell containing it.

    The sacrifice will rip a hole in the veil between the land of the living and the land of the dead,and will act as payment for the macabre exchange of lives.As the doomringer utters his chant,he will ring his bell,and use it not only to further lift the veil,but also to call the spirit,and even the soul,of the deceased into the body it once occupied.

    As he does this,the souls will bind themselves,and the dead will forever be intertwined with the doomringer,as it is sealed back into the body.Then,the lifeforce it once held,will revive it,and will appear as almost new.The doomringer has before him,a servant.

    The thing that is special about this form of undeath,is that the person is not only conscious,but the lack of decay also has them almost completely brought back.The skills,and knowledge they had in life remain.And unlike the vampire,both the soul,and the spirit,are in there,the person is practically alive.And they don't need to be sustained on blood or the likes.

    The doomringer becomes immortal and invulnerable.Every piece of damage he takes,every wound that opens,every seemingly impossible bit of pain,is deflected,and thrown onto the corpses.Every year he could ever age,is redirected and decays the corpses.

    This would make such corpses useless,then,if they disappear after ten years or so,but the doomringer will always have an entourage of these.Damage will always be deflected evenly onto each one of his servants,as will the years of age.Once the doomringer surrounds himself with a greater entourage of these,he starts to become more like them.

    He keeps death at bay,so he won't die from the Death Essence,but it will naturally corrupt him,making him look and feel like the dead.This may have it's benefits(supernatural speed,precognition,etc),but it would also weaken his body,making him more reliant on his minions.

    Death Essence isn't the only thing from the dead that the doomringer is tainted with.He will also receive their special abilities,powers,and skills.The doomringer who couldn't even sing properly and bound himself to a maestro will within mere years become a maestro.Same applies for other trades and magics,which is why the doomringer will not only always seek the freshest corpse,but also always seek for the most high in quality.

    The dead,they won't lose their skills,or memories.They will only feel the pain and age of the doomringer,but they will live on mostly.They will also be more or less compelled to serve his will.They will be able to go about ordinary lives,until they are summoned,that is.

    The doomringer usually has a small group of these people,and to properly defeat him,ne must first take care of all his servants.When they are defeated,their soul will still be bound to the doomringer.But the soul would be kept elsewhere in the aethers,and the doomringer wouldn't have anyone to redirect his damage to.

    In turn,this gives time to ring the bells,and banish the souls,freeing them from the doomringer's grasp.Then,the doomringer's bells are to be destroyed,destroying pieces of his soul.Finally,the doomringer himself is to be defeated.This elaborate way of taking down a doomringer,is also why no one has defeated a doomringer yet.Despite the fact,that there are only a few of them in existence.

    Emphasis on the bodies of the dead being defeated rather than destroyed.If the body is completely destroyed,then the spirit is sent into a state of torment,and still bound by the doomringer.The Soul will begin to tear itself up,in agony,and send its essence everywhere.It is at this point that the psychopomps come in to pick up the pieces,heal the soul,and send it to an afterlife.

    Ringing the bell does exactly the same as pulling a puppet's strings.It summons the dead that it is tied to,and brings them before the doomringer,to command,or to have to assist.If the body had been defeated,then ringing the bell can be done by anyone,not just the doomringer,and the soul would come,after which it may be commanded to depart from this world.THat's the only true way of rid oneself of the dead brought back through doomringing.

    Destroying the body will harm the doomringer,but send the soul in suffering.

    The doomringer is hated,and despised to no end by every psychopomp out there.THere are necromancers who summon psychopomps and work closely with them,to summon the dead,and send them back.The psychopomps like them.There are necromancers who pull the dead from their graves and do the work themselves,most psychopomps don't mind them.And then there are doomringers,who all psychopomps hate.

    First,bringing a soul from the other side throws a monkey wrench into the works,and disrupts the process.But necromancers do that all the time,not much of a problem for most psychopomps.However,sending a soul in it's place,as an exchange and an offering mixes up the two souls,causing one to go to the wrong afterlife,with one being in the Material World.

    If that isn't bad enough,the psychopomps are the ones who have to pick up the pieces if the body gets destroyed and the soul(still bound to it's doomringer!) tears itself to pieces(which it certainly will),and they have to clean up the mess,heal the soul,and determine it's afterlife.

    At that point,the mistakes of the soul,and it's fullness becomes obvious,and the psychopomps start arguing over whether to send it to Asphodel,or the Duat,or Hel,or to reincarnate it!

    Finally,the bigger the bell,the more powerful the entity that is summoned,the louder the noise and the faster it comes.The dead are not mindless zombies.In fact,they are supremely famous artists,incredible tactical geniuses,advanced magi and powerful clerics,all bound to serve their doomringer.
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    Corpse Stitching

    The thought of a scientist robbing a grave,and finding a corpse,attaching wires through it,stitching it's flesh,and then animating it with lightning have been the topic of horror,since Mary Shelley first wrote her novel,and the first movie was made.

    The mad cat,Katzenstein,is known for the monster that he made,and disowned.He is a demented sort,with a twisted hatred of his own mother,that tainted his ideas of maternity in general,and places himself as a sole parent to a monster.Corpse Stitching is a science,more than it is a magic.

    It does manipulate the dead,and electricity,and magicians practice corpse stitching.Magical help is also useful for Corpse Stitching,but it is a form science first and foremost.It is a marriage of death,flesh and metal.The product is known as ''a monster'',''an experiment'',and a ''simulacrum''.

    Corpse Stitching,also known as Galvinism,is the science of tapping into the remaining life of the dead,in order to animate them.

    Electricity is the basis of the mind.The small sparks within it,animate the brain,and flow through the body,to animate motion.When the corpse-stitcher animates a corpse,the first thing that is animated is the body,making it move,wildly,and with no control.

    Then,it moves up.As the electricity moves up the spinal cord,the cerebellum,is the first to be reanimated,giving the body control over where it's going.Then,the senses are animated.And then,the bodily functions and physiological.And then,the limic system.As it climbs up to higher functions,more electricity is needed for ''smarter'' simulacrum.

    This resembles the Ghoulcaller's application of death essence,and the two are similar in that manner.Another similarity,is the fact that the intelligence is completely new one.It is still very much a form of necromancy that hails in the flesh.And control over these creatures is harder to maintain as they become smarter,and require more emotional support.

    The Dr Von Katzenstein is legendarily famous for this,and it is his monster that necromancers learn to evoke.But it was not the first

    A long time ago,in the city that is now the fallen city of Shadowmoor,there was a mighty cemetery,owned by the Gravedigger.The cemetery is wherethe bodies of the Deathless resides,for the usage of two powerful necromancers,two brothers,sons of the Gravedigger.

    Their names,the Undertaker,and the Doomringer.They founded the two necromantic arts,of Corpse Stitching,and Doomringing.The Corpse Stitcher studied old sciences,and discovered the power of animal magnetism.He deemed that there must be electricity in there,even past death,and strived to animate them.

    And he animated a family.Then,he had many undead figures,animated this way,entirely new people living in Shadowmoor,from what the Deathless left behind.The doomringer had his own craft,which created only a select number of undead,but very powerful.

    The Undertaker considered the Doomringer a reclusive hermit,and the Doomringer considered the Undertaker,an offender of the dead.The two got into a massive fight,over the inheritance of the cemetery,and they led their legions to fight.The two legions destroyed each other,and desecrated the cemetery.

    The Deathless grew angry,Shadowmoor as a whole was usurped.And then their father,the Gravedigger,deemed that neither of them would inherit it,until they proved themselves.And he also cursed them,to deny them death.The Doomringer and the Undertaker wander the Spiral to this day.

    Both of these sciences,doomringing and corpse stitching,were made as obscure as possible.Such knowledge should not be used.

    In the city of Mechanisme,meet Annabelle.A fairly modern city,Annabelle studied in a university.Her parents pushed her to excel,pushed her to be the best.She had no social life,except for one crush,under the name of Jasper.She was obsessed with him.She got into a fight,with the university,over whether it was possible to bring the dead back to life with science.

    She was expelled.Her parents were more than happy to support her,claiming every genius will be shunned,before making a better world.She and Jasper shared one lovely night,before he was forced into an arranged marriage.Her parents perished,leaving her a laboratory for inheritance.

    Jasper died,in a loveless marriage,and she was heartbroken.She realized,though,that she could bring him back.She broke into the widow's house to steal Jasper's possessions,and used it to summon his spirit into a doll.This mechanism,that would be a catalyst of the Filigree City's history(learn more about that here) is yet another form of very advanced corpse stitching,one that borders more on spirit calling.

    It pulls the soul,into a body that's been made,rather than pull the body,and make a soul.Despite this,the operation makes perfect sense,and is considered just as valid.Besides the rivalry between doomringers and corpse stitchers,corpse stitching is also against ghoulcalling.

    Ghoulcallers consider Corpse Stitchers unnecessary copycats,stagnating the ascent of their art by making into an overcomplicated science.The Corpse Stitcher considers himself a herald of innovation,and shuns the crude nature of the whole macabre art,and believe ghoulcallers are stubborn fools who are stuck in their ways and refusing to go on with the times.

    The parent-child relationship between the simulacrum and the corpse stitcher is ubiquitious.
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    Spiritual Servitude AKA Pactmaking is a partially dead craft,that was practiced intensely in old times.It is a form of magic,that involves serving spirits,for a period of time,in exchange for supernatural gifts and teachings.The Spirits refers to any spirit,but are most commonly amortal spirits.The terms of the pact,and the services in question,follow the Book of Favors,and can be written or oral,and are usually decided by the operator and the Spirit.Sometimes,the Spirit may ask for nothing,safe for the assurance that the gifts will be used in their name,other times,a time of service(usually a century) may be required.A division of Spiritual Servitude may be in:

    -Pantheon Pactmaking:Basically serving several spirits,all within only one pantheon,and having one gift,from that pantheon,that will unify the ability of all of those spirits.Offers most power,least diversity.

    -Pathworker Pactmaking:Refers to eclectic much like Pathworking itself.Basically calling on many spirits,from a single pantheon,taking only part of the knowledge that they have,the knowledge that they readily offer,and unifying it into one Pathworking,before moving to another one.Offers both power and diversity,but in moderation.
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    Worm Spirit

    A Worm Spirit is a spirit,known for being a very skilled energivore.They come in a wide variety of manifestations.Some of them exist as incredibly powerful devouring gods in Khrysalis,whereas others are ordinary astral nasties,and some even possess vampires in an incredible symbiosis.In any case,these spirits have one thing in common: the specialization of making things rot,decay and fester as it is eaten.

    This is one of the reasons why their curses generally, without explicit skill, take a long time to run to a death- they wither people away. Use them up, if you will. They may grow beyond that since but the "basic" patterning is the same.They can take everything that the victim has,and leave a hollow shell,withering,and dead.These entities like to devour,and can consume most things,if given enough time.

    Worm Spirits will completely destroy that which they are consuming,and curse it while they take everything it had.Some of these entities can grow incredibly large,and powerful,especially when eating other Worm Spirits that have eaten much.They are hungry,driven,and insanely powerful.Some are well-known,some are obscure.Some are sapient,some are animals.Some are gods,some are spirits,and anything in between.
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    The Champion of Stone-

    Whomsoever holds the title of Champion of Stone, or Champion of the D*mned wields power unlike any other such as flight, strength to lift hundreds of pieces of the sky, and a heightened sense of intelligence to multiply one's current wit by thousands. He or she with the fame of the D*mned Champion shall be a force to be reckoned with. This title enables one to turn his, her, or it's victims to stone through their looking upon him/ her or the predator touching the victims.

    Blood Magic- One with this unique ability can control one's blood flow, suffocating another through their own blood. One with this ability can also extend their life by controlling the number of rotting vessels in the skin.

    Fear Magic- Hallucinatory visions, trembling state, nerve wracking anxiety, and anything more that has to do with fear will and can be used through the total expertise of fear magic. Some species have more control over it than others, because of their intense connection to the magic itself. Scarecrows are the top creature with the distinct and unique ability that was born in them through birth or creation. The fear magic is the wielder's gift to the taker, the predator's magic to the victims corpse.
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