Alohi's Magical items

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1. Blooded Isles

Deathbrand Axe- This weapon is lighter than all other axes, but swings 3 times as harder.

Dragon Scythe- This weapon is far larger and heavier than any other weapon. It was built for a giant. Flames on one side burns an opponent, while water on the other freezes that same opponent.

Dragonskin Cuirass- This chestplate is tougher and stronger, but lighter than all other unenchanted armor pieces.

Boots of Shame- The will of opponents is lessened, while wearing these.

2. Execution Isles

Master Bolt of Jupiter- This weapon would do what is predictable of a mega weapon of the king of the gods.

Pandora's Chest- The personifications of sin make their home in this box.

3. The Black

Corrupted blade of the ancients- Since this weapon is basically a physical item crafted from Shadow, it is extremely damaging to almost everything, but undead and shades.

The Warmace- One side of the club has the actual eye of a dark angel. The other side has the eye of a normal angel. It is one of the most deadly artifacts in the spiral.

Greatsword of Fury- It's not the sting of the blade that an opponent feels when wielding this, though that does damage, but the sting of the anger emanating from this cursed artifact.

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