Shadow's Guide to RolePlay Lore: Materials.

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{NOTE: This blog will often be heavily edited, and many descriptions will change as people add suggestions, things will be added, and in some cases may be omitted. So be sure to check often in case things have changed.}

I encourage everyone to post in the comments about things you'd like me to add to the Guide. I will typically use your exact wording, but this may not be the case all the time. If, at any moment, you come up with additions to subjects you've already submitted to the Guide, do not be afraid to post another comment about it, telling me what to add and, if you wish, where to insert it into the article. Information needed for added subjects is nonexistent. Just be sure to give me all the information you come up with on the subject as you create/discover it. The creator's name will be put in parentheses next to the subject of their creation.


Canisapien Hide:
Canisapien hide is a very valuable thing to have, and very rare. Any article of clothing made from it allows the wearer to turn into a wolf, just like s Canisapien. Although, their wolf form is the normal size for a wolf and increased smelling and hearing is restricted to the wolf form. The wearer is not granted the strength and speed of a Canisapien and does not experience any doglike side-effects. Finding Canisapien hide is incredibly difficult. It is sometimes able to be found in the black-market, but not often.


Cold Iron (Drakon):
Cold Iron is a special, extremely rare type of iron, only found in small quantities, deep beneath the earth. It is distinguished from normal iron by being darker in color and slightly denser in mass.The name comes from the fact that, for an unknown reason, it has a melting point that is much lower than traditional iron, allowing it to be so-called "cold-forged."
Cold Iron is as poison to unnatural creatures. The most obvious of these are fey, who are even more susceptible to this than normal iron - the mere presence of Cold Iron causes nausea and fatigue to fey. In addition, many demons are harmed by this baleful metal, and certain creatures who have developed an ability to enter a near-supernatural blood-frenzy in battle do not gain a resistance against weapons made of this, as they do other weapons.
This metal is most commonly used to create weapons, as armor and trinkets made of Cold Iron tend to be less useful than simle iron outside of situations relating to creatures weak against it. However, there is a drawback. Cold Iron resists enchantments placed upon it, due to the nature of the metal. So most Cold Iron weapons are either completely mundane, or else only have the most simple enchantments on them, as stronger enchantments become increasingly more difficult to place upon it. (Note that this only applies to permanent enchantments, as temporary enchantments do not inherently change the weapon's structure, and can be added on without worry.)

Holy Silver (ShadowStrikeV2):
As a whole, silver is typically considered holy, however, there is a certain kind of silver that was specifically blessed by Raion to contain magical properties. These properties include: a surplus of Divine Love (see "Lumancy"), an aura of peace and safety, glows, repels darkness, and acts as a natural ward against Shadowmancy. It is known to burn creatures of darkness on contact. Holy Silver can only be found naturally when mined near areas considered sacred by the Lord of Light, and can be made through the blessing of powerful Lumancers, Angels or Raion himself.
Affiliated Characters: Xavier Charleston, Jack Bauer, Chiron, Alexis Everhart.

Imperial Gold (ShadowStrikeV2, The Hoodoo Master):
Imperial Gold, also called Enchanted Gold, was started in Aquila when the Emperor consecrated gold within the temple of Zeus. This gold was given special properties. Through its symbolism of glory, wealth, and opulence, it gives the wielder an unearthly charisma that would draw others to them. Their speech will become more suave and persuasive. It also radiates a trusting and empowering aura, and turns the wearer into superb leaders, public speakers, and diplomats. Objects made of Imperial Gold tend to be stronger and more durable than objects made of mundane gold. Imperial Gold is also highly "temperamental" and objects made of this substance are known to explode when broken, which is a rare occurrence.
Affiliated Characters: Robin, Chrysaor, Justin Dominus.

Mercury (The Hoodoo Master):
Mercury is one of the seven magical metals,and one of the three components of Prima Materia,the only one to occupy a seat in both places.Also known as Quicksilver,and Hydrardyrum,it is one of the few metals that are liquid at room temperature,and is a highly volatile and dangerous one,but also one of the most powerful magical metals.It is often identified with chi,and is the fluid creation of things,although occasionally the element is considered airy in its aspect of the spirit,the ever-oresent wind which stirs to life every particle of existence.Mercury is Brahma,a creator.
Mercury is interestingly enough,however,not light or dark,on the side of good or evil,it is indifferent to duality,and exists as its own antithesis.It exists as the polarity of all things,including itself.In fact,the Spirit behind mercury(as all the magical metals have a spirit behind them) is sometimes represented as a young boy,and an old man,or even a woman,or otherwise,all melted into one.It is in this manner that mercury is one of the essentials of genesis,working with white sulphur to create things and with red sulphur to destroy.
It's properties include the fact that it's wild,unpredictable,and dangerous.But it is also highly rewarding,incredibly powerful,and capable of great things.One example of mercury's strange lack,and presence,of polarity are its properties for immortality.Mercury poisoning is a very painful way to die,mercury can kill.Yet,it manipulated in very special alchemical solutions,may improve one's health and grant an immunity to disease.Both are aspects of this metal,yet are greatly different.It is also often identified with the individual Spirit of the individual.

Mithril (ShadowStrikeV2):
Mithril is another holy metal. It was blessed by Raion to be extremely durable, and has some of the same aspects as Holy Silver, but to a lesser extent. It is a natural ward against darkness and tends to burn evil creatures on contact, but much less so than Holy Silver. It naturally has a reserve of Divine Love, but again, not as much as Holy Silver. The defining trait of Mithril, however, is its durability and light weight. It's hard enough to withstand a direct hit from a cannon, and sometimes even strikes as powerful as Mjolnir. It is an extremely rare metal, as it cannot be created through magical means, only mined, and can only be found naturally in Grizzleheim.
Affiliated Characters: Robin.

Stygian Iron (ShadowStrikeV2):
Stygian Iron is very frightening to those of the undead or spiritual nature. It has the handy ability to touch those whom are intangible or ethereal. Things such as spirits, demons, ghosts, and the like. To the undead and ethreal it is extremely painful to touch, and prolonged contact with it could result in irreparable damage to the being. (Note: Strong magics can get around this "irreparable" damage. e.g. create a new hand to replace a damaged or lost one.) It's ability to touch the intangible can also be extended to the wielder of stygian iron objects. Stygian iron can also be used to store magical energies, for use at other times or to continually store energy over time until you get enough to destroy an entire world. (This feat would take at least 5 millennia to accomplish.) It can also be used in the same way to trap/house powerful spirits or demons. Finally, its terrifying nature is not limited to the dead/undead and spiritual, but also to the living and physical, but to a lesser extent. Stygian iron would probably just make you feel paranoid around it (A 5ft. radius to be exact to experience the full extent of it's fear powers.) where as a spirit or zombie would run away terrified. (Note: Strong spirits/undead creatures still feel this fear but are able to resist it.) The level of fear induced by Stygian Iron varies with the amount of magical energy stored within the object. Should there be a surplus of energy within it, the effects could paralyze even the living with fear. There is a specialized version of stygian iron where it can ONLY touch the ethereal or intangible. This is used for the harvesting or stealing of souls.
Affiliated Characters: Jason Everhart.

Tunglskin[Tongue-skin] Silver (Ezio Aditore):
Tunglskin Silver is an incredibly rare metal because it is not found naturally, and creating it is nearly impossible, incredibly time consuming, and exact, meaning the smallest deviation in its creation will be disastrous, killing anyone who was involved. It is created through a mix of Mithril and Holy Silver, and has all the properties of both. There are only 5 Tunglskin Silver blades in existence, the most famous of which being the sword of Michael the Archangel, and there is only one Tunglskin amulet in existence, currently owned by Beowolf (See Amulets: Verndargripir af Heilögum Styrkur). Tunglskin Silver has the ability to extinguish any and all flames within a certain proximity to the wielder of the metal, including Hellfire. Blades made of this metal have several effects depending on the intent of the wielder. If intended to harm, the blade acts as any other, but if the intent is to help, the blade can cure poisons, heal wounds, and make illness disappear. This has a condition, however. To heal an ally, the wielder must have love for the one being healed. Without that love it will not work, and will kill the afflicted. Weaker demons and monsters of darkness can sense Tunglskin Silver and are so repelled by it that they will flee from it when they notice its presence.
Affiliated Characters: Fenrir, Michael the Archangel, Beowolf, and the Silver Samurai.

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