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My thoughts on the Witch Hunters Bundle (and the controversy surrounding it as well).

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So in case you haven't heard yet the newest bundle for Wizard101 has been showing up on GameStop shelves. It's a Darkmoor themed bundle called the Witch Hunters Bundle.

Now overall I do like the different and unique approach KI took with this bundle. It's different, it's unique, and overall it's a good attempt at something that's not outside the scope of the Spiral. I haven't seen the house in-game yet but from what I've seen in the pictures it's appropriately Darkmoor themed, and let's be real here we all knew that it was only a matter of time before this happened (a Darkmoor themed bundle I mean). I like the mount as well and I think that this is KIs way of giving the fans part of what they want (i.e. more new and different and unique mounts aside from just rugs and animals and the like).

Now let's be honest and real here for a moment: It's Darkmoor, it's not supposed to be cheery or laid-back or any of that stuff. It's a dark and gloomy place filled with all sorts of creatures that we've never seen before but have heard of in legends. I see the gear as someone gearing up to defend themselves or the land. The Noose in the house I can understand some people having issues with but considering this games younger demographic it's not as big a deal as some people are trying to make it out to be. As far as the weapon is concerned, how is a Crossbow-like weapon bad when we have Bows and Swords and Spears and the like? Wizard101 is not meant to be your traditional magic-themed game.

Now I understand that the theme of this bundle has a rather dark history, but let's be frank: we can't just keep using history as an excuse to try to boycott anything that might be remotely bad. To me that's just plain ignorance and foolishness on the part of whoever does this. Also, keep in mind that Wizard101 already has references to known bad parts in history, such as Jacques the Scratcher (Jack the Ripper) for example. When taking the younger audience into account most likely most of them won't even think twice about the history: they'll just think "wow, this bundle is cool!" or "oh this fight is pretty neat". For people who do understand the history, most people will understand that it's not intended to be malicious but rather a light-hearted take on the era in question. It's fine if you have concerns regarding the subjects past, but you can't just keep expecting or demanding that everything be all sunshines and all rainbows all of the time, you just can't. If you can't handle some dark themes then just don't play video games, it's that simple. Otherwise, get over it.

Also, let's be honest, do you really think that Kingsisle is the kind of company that promotes violence and horrific acts in real life? I certainly don't. If you don't like the theme of it then that's fine, just don't buy the bundle then. Just please, don't push the "oh this was bad and a dark time in history so it's automatically bad here" excuses and try to be more open minded rather than stubborn and stuck in the past. Knowing and understanding history is one thing, but trying to use that as an excuse for everything that you don't like is another thing entirely in my opinion.

Overall though I do like it and I like the theme. Will I get it? Maybe, I don't know yet. Only time will tell if I do. I understand the concerns some people have about this bundle, but at the same time it's based on a world that's supposed to be naturally spooky and dark and grim. Just because it was bad in a dark time and part of history doesn't mean that it's automatically bad here. It also doesn't mean that the game is going downhill. Like I said before if a bundle based on content in a game that's meant to be dark and gloomy is too much for you to the point where you have to cry foul at every turn and resort to the past history to try to justify your disdain for it then you should just stop playing the game altogether and just find a game that doesn't have those themes in it (spoiler: good luck with that). That or just get over it.

Thank you for your time.

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