Promotional Map Hidden Messages Revealed

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So, on the map that was sent out to people through the postal service, there are several sentences scattered about in a foreign spiral language. I have deciphered these, and they are as thus:

Top of Map: Dress your best for the royalty of Monquista
Top Right Paragraph: From the journal of Marco Pollo - In my voyage across the spiral, on the world of Mooshu, I discovered a powerful and invaluable treasure: selfless loyalty, in the form of a pledge of service to any who decipher the secrets embedded within this precious map. My map has other uses ... secret uses beyond showing the path to El Dorado.
Line between Dragonspyre & Valencia: Unite the divided to make seven a solution in Cool Ranch.
Under the whale: A sad pirate once said, the monkey's paw was not the cow's hoof.
Bottom of Map: Wood, Earth, Fire, Metal, Air, Water ... all must be tamed before the turtle's wisest will speak.
Right side of Map: Beware! Sivella's clockwork birds will gaze upon everyone.
Back of Map, top left: A wise pirate will do a favor for the frog of a whale.
Back of Map, top right: Watermoles will do anything to appease their volcano.
Back of Map, bottom left: Seek the man Rodrigo -- for he whispers in El Toro's ear.
Back of Map, bottom right: No one knows why the islands are disappearing in Valencia.

If i missed any please let me know and I will translate them, thanks!

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