I Saw A Pirate Encouraging Self Injury Last Night

  1. Rrrrzzzz419
    The title speaks for itself. Last night 1 of my Pirate 101 friends was targeted while in Avery realm of Avery's Court by a pirate who encouraging them to harm themselves. This was horrible to see, and don't worry I definitely reported them as well as sending 2 screenshots of them and what they said to Ki. I hope Kingsisle bans them.

    Two-Faced Aurora "A Roar A" Clegg / Two-Faced Dino "Die No" Clegg / Rrrrzzzz419 - #TrollPatrol leader
  2. HelpfulAuroraParker
    Thanks for the report. I've seen this before, and it's not good. A friend of mine talked about self injury a long time ago, and it was terrible.
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