Welcom all Legends!

  1. coolster50
    Legend Pirates is a group for pirates who want to be powerful and known for their prowess in battle. When Legend Pirates has 5+ members we will start having in-game meetings with re-caps of the meeting posted on our page and parties most Fridays. At 15+ members we will start having group pirate themed uniforms and we will debate on what the colors will be. At 20+ members we will start having rankings and special divisions. If you wanna join the Legend Pirates you must do 2 things: One: Have a Pirate101 Central account and Two: Reply to this message with your pirate's name, class and, Pirate level.

    Please join and keep on sailin'!
  2. wishgirl43
  3. mmm5m
    Ok but how will we see each other in game?Also with my mooshu ship I can defeat five to eighth cut throat ships
  4. mmm5m
    Starting to get pumped up!

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