Wahoo Wahoo Buffaloon Poppings for Me - A WCP/SIP Media production

  1. Dr Zeppers
    Dr Zeppers
    A video I made for Pirate101...
    I plan on making a number of these as time goes by. Hoping to get more of the group involved as well.

    Wahoo Wahoo Buffaloon Poppings for me.
    Lyrics and Vocals by Dr. Zeppers (aka Magus Zeppers)
    Popping provided by: Aritako, Brynn Iceblade, DarthJT, and Sidri
    Music from Pirates of the Caribbean ride
  2. Harmony Hawkins
    Harmony Hawkins
    Awesome production Zep! Looking forward to more!
  3. The Z
    The Z
    love this video.
  4. Dr Zeppers
    Dr Zeppers
    More in the making!!! Who knows what I might come up with, im a lyric writing karaoke phule.

    Got a song idea? Throw it at me... no promises!
  5. fun23k
    And Sidri denies it all….. :P
  6. Sidri
    That is NOT me in that long red duster lol! I deny EVERYTHING! I have NEVER popped in my life.
  7. The Z
    The Z
    of course not.
  8. Dr Zeppers
    Dr Zeppers
    If your looking to get Sidri's attention, all you have to mention is the word "pop", and she instantly goes into Buffaloon protection mode.

    How many times has she joined the group saying "There is no popping of unmentionables going on, is there?"

    How many times have we gone buffaloon popping and then quite sneakily asked Sidri to port and help. LOL

    I can remember me and DarthJT using our various "hiding" talents to force the buffaloon the direction of Sidri's pirate, and companions, to hear her cry in horror as her very own pirates Epics (and her companions) start popping buffaloon with reckless abandon.

    Ah yes, this was my inspiration everyone, this is what started me to writing pirate poetry, little ditty's to drive Sidri crazy....

    I had no idea it would develop into this.... More songs to come (and they arent all about buffaloons....)
  9. The Z
    The Z
    pop pop pop.
  10. HelpfulAuroraParker
    That's awesome! XD
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