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  • Buccaneers

    The group for Buccaneers, and discussing the ways of Buccaneers!

    Category: Pirate101
    Last Activity: 04-12-2015 05:34 PM

    7 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    The Buccaneer Improvements
  • The Marleybonian Navy

    Have you a liking for the Dogs of Marleybone?

    Then this is the group for you, become a Privateer and fight against Piracy for our Queen and Country!

    -Admiral Skipper

    Navy Administrator

    Hello good chaps!

    Fill out your Letters of Application and

    wait for your membership in our Grand Navy!

    Category: Pirate101
    Last Activity: 08-11-2015 09:55 PM

    10 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    Pirate101 Class Houses.
  • The Grand Clockwork Armada

    No Description

    Category: Pirate101
    Last Activity: 09-27-2014 07:39 AM

    1 member(s)
    This group doesn't have any discussions yet.
  • Real World Reporters

    Real World Reporters is a group that will be keeping everyone updated on the latest new in the real world every afternoon or at night time we will try to post some news in the Off-Topic Form we will do stuff like

    Daily Crimes


    Latest You Tube Videos


    Category: Pirate101
    Last Activity: 05-08-2013 07:24 PM

    2 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    Welcome to Real World Reporters
  • Musketeers

    The group for Musketeers, and talking about the ways of Musketeers!

    Category: Pirate101
    Last Activity: 03-25-2014 05:15 PM

    6 member(s)
    This group doesn't have any discussions yet.
  • The Magnificent Seven

    A gathering of legends, giving law to The Spiral.

    More than seven can join; the rest will be considered backup.

    The Seven are :

    Tylerge123 : Wyatt Chirp

    Mmm5m : Duck Holliday

    Tankhbobo - Buffalo Bill

    VoodooMaster - Wild Bill Peacock

    Billy Forrester - Billy the Kid

    CalebTheWitchdoctor - Calamity Jane Canary

    Coolster50 - Bat Masterson

    Back-up :

    Bloody Stephan Kidd

    To take over a spot or take a vacant spot, go to the discussion titled "The Seven".

    Category: Pirate101
    Last Activity: 03-31-2015 08:01 PM

    11 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    The Seven
  • League of Fury

    League of Fury is a social and PvP group. If you would like to join League of Fury please contact our Leader/Co-Leader.

    Leader: Sly Malcolm Voss

    Co-Leader: ???


    Our clan colors are Black/White

    Category: Pirate101
    Last Activity: 12-26-2014 05:11 AM

    6 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    Let's get some stuff striaght..
  • Red Dawns

    Red Dawns is all about helping each other and protecting each other. To become a Red Dawns Spartan, you have to be respectful, encouraging, daring, a defender, active, worthy, and straightforward. Any class can join but you must be level 40+

    Category: Pirate101
    Last Activity: 03-25-2014 05:22 PM

    4 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    The meaning of RED DAWNS
  • Clan Elite

    FARM and FIGHT

    Friends First

    Farm Second

    Fight Third

    Category: Pirate101
    Last Activity: 06-01-2014 05:59 AM

    16 member(s)
    This group doesn't have any discussions yet.
  • Angel's Army

    We plan to control the spiral. This group works hard to assist the needs of others. The team will focus on farming, and assistance. For now PvP will be for fun, but in the the future we plan to make PvP more intertwined into the system. The group is still under construction.

    Category: Pirate101
    Last Activity: 03-08-2013 04:49 AM

    1 member(s)
    This group doesn't have any discussions yet.

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