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  1. Re: Captain's Quarters ship cabin on sale in the Crown Shop for 1950 Crowns

    Between the 2, which cabin do you think is best?
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    Re: February Newsletter

    I am not allowed to link it per Pirate101Central rules but I made a video talking about what happened regarding PAX South. They only had around 4 or 5 people show up to the event, and we only know...
  3. Re: Chinese New Year, no sale for the decade?

    If Pirate101 was run by the mobile team, they would be pushing out 2-3 updates per year, think about how many mobile games Kingsisle has released.
  4. The Ship Cabin Glitch Could Be Costing Kingsisle $109,375.00 Per Day!

    I am making this thread because I was talking with a family member tonight about the upcoming Pirate 101 update and the ship cabin glitch got brought up. Now most of you know what this glitch is and...
  5. Re: Next KI Live is Thursday, September 26, 2019

    Who all is going to be watching in a little more than an hour?
  6. Re: Next KI Live is Thursday, September 26, 2019

    I believe the main thing in the upcoming update is crafting. Remember the newsletter, when the September 2019 newsletter came out it said "What will you be crafting to celebrate next month?" before...
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    Re: Treasure Island Scavenger Hunt!

    I don't know if anyone else has found any of them yet but I believe I have found 1. I will not say which post I found it in or under. :) I have sent Sheldon a private message, so wish me luck. :)
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    Re: yearly is long enough please

    In a recent Kingsisle Live, they mention they have an MMO team for both games, meaning Pirate 101 and Wizard 101 share an MMO team. They are hiring for both games at the same time when they hire for...
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    Re: yearly is long enough please

    As another video producer for the game you are telling me we should give up hope before the time we got last year's update? Why give up now when last year there was no update until Mid-September?
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    Re: yearly is long enough please

    I kind of think this week Kingsisle will give Pirate 101 a producers letter (if not this week, then next), though it could be something small in it. I do think by next month we will have a test...
  11. Re: August 2019 Pirate101 Monthly Newsletter

    Then should Final Bastion not do "Bastion Times" newsletters? If newsletters aren't the solution to keep the game alive, then Final Bastion should be able to find something better to do each month,...
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    Sticky: Re: Firsthand Observations Thread

    I am right now working on leveling up a Loyal Embracing Rattler I got back during the special throwback weekend, it is current Level 43, and got 3 abilities Central only knew the rank of.
  13. Re: Pirate's Regatta Farming Event Starts At 5 PM Central

    Reminder if you couldn't make it yesterday, you still have the Pirate's Regatta Event continues today at 5:00 PM central (next hour).
  14. Pirate's Regatta Farming Event Starts At 5 PM Central

    I am posting this for anyone who doesn't read the main message boards. Today 07/12/2019 and tomorrow 07/13/2019 the "Pirate's Regatta Farming Event" will kick off at 5:00 PM Central Time!...
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    Re: July, 2019 Newsletter

    For anyone who doesn't read the main Pirate 101 message boards, my Pirate's Regatta Farming Event got mentioned, thanks Bat Masterson
  16. Re: My Deleted Post on the Main Message Boards

    You're right. There could be way more than 55 people mad at Kingsisle. And Kingsisle Live this month peaked around 676 viewers when they have got 1100 before. That may or may not be a bad sign for...
  17. Re: My Deleted Post on the Main Message Boards

    But Jester if that was Kingsisle's intention they already have done both, and more than 11 people are mad. Helpful Aurora Parker's original post here has 19 thanks for example, so that is 19 players...
  18. Re: My Deleted Post on the Main Message Boards

    What game was that, and what did he do wrong according to the players of that game?
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    Re: Meet Central Members Tag Game.

    This going to to be fun! Thanks for the tag.

    1. Two-Faced Dino "Die No" Clegg was my first pirate who I have had for 4+ years now!
    2. Two-Faced Dino "Die No" Clegg got the nickname "Die No" from...
  20. Re: My Deleted Post on the Main Message Boards

    DarkFire054 and HelpfulAuroraParker do you know how long I have been essentially been saying that? A few months ago I actually volunteered to moderate the main message boards (albeit quietly) but...
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    Re: leave kingsisle be please

    People would rather have a rushed update than no update at all, people got mad at a statement put out by Bat Masterson (though most likely a Kingsisle higher up gave him the statement, and said put...
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    Re: Members List

    I don't see any harm in making the members list accessible again.
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    Re: A very peculiar specimen.

    Did you find a new hybrid? What did that end up being?
  24. Re: 2018 Pirate Plum Pudding Plunder Guess How Many Contest

    How long do I have to redeem my code? Tonight I am visiting family and I may not be able to redeem it until at least tomorrow because of that.
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    [WANTED TO MORPH] Re: Mutually Beneficial Meetup

    I could meet in Raven Eyes but I would need a 20 minute window, I am doing a live recording tonight. Sometime between 8:00 PM and 8:20 PM Central I will be able to do it.
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