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    Re: Veteran's Day 2020

    I didn't like the free gift because it's a staffy smashy weapon. Which means you can't stitch anything to it. So, in my opinion the weapon would look amazing on my Privy but since my regalia weapon...
  2. Re: Does this not look ridiculous? Dyes sold separately?

    Like I said, they just want quick cash so they reskinned it like other mounts. It's ridiculous, an embarrassment, and they should be ashamed.
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    Re: Red-linked Items

    You're still playing pirates? Wow I thought almost everyone on these boards quit playing rofl
  4. Re: Can i make another account on pirate101 central?

    Pretty sure you can get banned for having multiple accounts. I'd just suggest just save up currency to change your name.
  5. Re: What do you wanna be when you grow up or what are you doing now?

    Well, I start school tomorrow and I have a really bad feeling about this year, and since it's online classes, there's no way I'm going to be able to concentrate. I failed last year cause I couldn't...
  6. Re: What do you wanna be when you grow up or what are you doing now?

    I'm 16 and failed 10th grade last school year, I honestly have no clue what I wanna be or where I'll be. I really have no will to change, so I'm just gonna sit around and wait what happens I guess.
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    Re: Do rare loots from bosses have rng?

    While I was farming Imperator's Panoply, I contacted Kingsisle about four times on what is the percentage to get Imperator's Panoply from Diskylos and all of the replies Kingsisle gave me were "If...
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    Re: Arrrgust Random Reward Revelry

    good luck to everyone o;
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    Re: Shark Week 2020

    I asked it to be turned down to $15 on the website forums, it honestly just seems like they're trying to make quick cash and dip after a week. It's sad, no one with a right mind would drop that much...
  10. Re: Is there a way that I can edit one of the pages in the Pirate101 wiki?

    I generally do think the wiki needs some editing, I've gotten Imperator's Panoply three times now from the Labyrinth yet they have it marked down that it doesn't drop there. There's probably a lot of...
  11. Re: Can Louis Le Bisque get Overwatch 5?

    The only companion that can get overwatch 5 is the haywire armada musketeer from the ashes of armada booster packs. You your pirate can get overwatch 5 if you get the overwatch weapon, santa rana...
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    Re: 2020 Arrrgust Contests are coming!

    What about companion codes? Like I think it'd be pretty cool if some of the bear companions from the beast packs were prizes B)
  13. Re: Is there a limited time ship that is not available anymore?

    Also the ships are so dang expensive it's not even worth thinking about buying one. Just buy one with gold, you aren't going to miss out on anything.
  14. Re: 2020 Arrgust Guess the Sweet Contest!

    I'm going to go 125, by counting I don't think it's over 150, so I'll go 125.
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    Re: My plans to hatch pets.

    You're a Musketeer right? If you're interested into getting into pvp, I'd suggest getting a pet that grants Kraken's Lament, a Rally, Elusive, Overwatch, and Burst fire. This way you have chains,...
  16. Re: Next KI Live - Thursday, July 30 2019 4 pm US Central Time

    Completely false, Jeremy! They said no MAJOR updates, therefore no skeleton key bosses! :worried:
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    Re: 2020 Arrrgust Contests are coming!

    is there actually a pvp tour? When I go to Pirate101 PvP and tournaments there's no Arrrrgust central rules tour anywhere.
  18. Re: Is this a good way to spend all practice points?

    Hello sir, yeah that's almost perfect for train on musket. I prefer forbiddance over hurl knives though on musket since forbiddance has the chance to really affect the match for you in a positive way.
  19. Re: Next KI Live - Thursday, July 30 2019 4 pm US Central Time

    from what i'm being told, September is the month we'll see the game get an update. only like 40 days away :D
  20. Re: Reviving Pirate101 - The Offical Response

    I can guarantee there's going to be a update this year. Looks like September or October there will be an update and just one. Just trust me.
  21. Re: Obsidian Dreaded Headdress - How many versions are there?

    I have a ton of different headdress too that give like +1 magic resist, like some give 12, others give 11 lol. like what's the point of 1 extra magic resist? Do they seriously think 1 more magic...
  22. Re: Pirate101Central 2020 PvP Ladder #2

    Very excited for the new ladder, however I was wondering on this:

    How come the prizes are small? Like, it's a 6 month ladder and the winner only gets 10K crowns? How come a four week tourney...
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    Re: Is anyone still subscribing?

    Honestly it shocks me how people still drop cash on the game and a good amount too. I thought I was the only one, but no. There are so many games that care for their players and give tons of updates,...
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    Re: Is anyone still subscribing?

    Unfortunately, I plan to drop about $300-$500 this summer on the game for crowns, and membership. I did leave the game for about a week and am now returning so that's cool. I feel like all pirates...
  25. Re: What Member Benefit(s) Is/Are Missing? Comment Yours Below!

    50% off pet training. I'm out here training a pet for 6 hours, would love it to be 3 hours. That'd be a nice member benefit.
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