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    Re: the ultimate fashion.

    Sweet, thanks! :D :pirate101:
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    Re: the ultimate fashion.

    LOL, I love it! That looks awesome. :pirate29: What are those boots called? :eek:

    Yeah, it was from Major Flagstaff, who sells the special Christmas patterns and icons for 100 Crowns. It...
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    Re: Meet Central Members Tag Game.

    Oh, wow, thanks for the tag! For some reason, I wasn't notified. :eek: Still, thanks for tagging me!

    For the sake of personal information being kept a secret, I'll do general facts, hehe.

  4. Re: My Deleted Post on the Main Message Boards

    Exactly my concern, DarkFire054. I wish I could thank your post several times, haha. That's the problem - a biased moderator with that kind of power (the power to approve and reject posts that may...
  5. My Deleted Post on the Main Message Boards

    Hey there, Pirate101 Central community. I'm pretty much angered at this point due to KingsIsle deleting my post on the main Message Boards that had no problem or inappropriate/offensive language or...
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    Re: Cannot Delete a Pirate

    Oh, don't feel silly at all! I'm glad it's all resolved now. :o
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    Re: sup new to site

    Oh, wow! I'm so sorry about your surgery! :eek:

    Well, welcome back to Pirate101 and Pirate101 Central - my name is Helpful Aurora Parker, and the Pirate101 Central community and I are always eager...
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    Re: Cannot Delete a Pirate

    Hmm, that is really odd. Did you put the right amount of ho's and an exclamation point at the end? If not, that seems like another one of those pesky bugs...

    VANESSAAAA!!! :pirate29:
  9. Re: Am I the Only One Who's Seeing This?

    Alright. Thank you, sir. :pirate101:
  10. Re: Am I the Only One Who's Seeing This?

    Gotcha. Yeah, I'm using Firefox. :keith:

    Same! I get that message too, sometimes - especially when I'm writing longer posts. Bat, what's going on? :pirate24:
  11. Am I the Only One Who's Seeing This?

    Hey, guys. I would have posted this on the main Message Boards, but you can't upload pictures over there.

    I just had to ask, is anyone else seeing this when they first go to
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    Re: Audio Issues?

    No, but then again, I haven't logged on for a while now. It just seems to be leaping with issues, doesn't it? That's what a game is like when it's neglected by its creators. :(
  13. Re: Worlds you'd like to explore in Pirate101.

    I agree 100% with everything you just said. If we are being hopeful, a steampunk World would be amazing, though. One can only dream...

    *wakes up*

    Oh, right. No new updates.
  14. Re: Ratbeard Q&A Thread (from Main Message Boards)

    Ratbeard? Yes. Pirate101... Not yet. But hopefully soon.:mybad:
  15. Re: #MentalHealthAwareness Pirates

    Very interesting topic, and I agree that a large amount of playing online computer games or video games does eventually affect you and your mental health.

    "Please refrain from discontent...
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    Re: Gold house update!

    Woah! That's amazing! You're an epic decorator! :D
  17. Re: Worlds you'd like to explore in Pirate101.

    Well, first, it must be a quality update. I mean, I'd rather have a quality side content update than having a cheesy, non-quality main content update.

    But to answer your question and muster all...
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    Re: Yo Ho! - A Pirate101 Song.

    @flash33 - wow, that is awesome! That certainly is epic and talented. To be completely honest, I don't hear much of a resemblance to the original song from the beginning of Pirate101... But that is...
  19. Re: Favorite memory from Pirate101?

    This is a great topic. :pirate: My favorite memories were when I was Level 9 and I was farming for Gold in Aquila with Max Level friends (yes, that's right, Level 9 :lol:) to get my first ever...
  20. Re: Mount-a-Palooza - now through April 21st

    How about Update-a-Palooza, KingsIsle? :rolleyes:
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    Re: A few more art pieces

    Those are incredible! Especially that first one. :D
  22. Re: The Loadingdango Has Been Discovered

    Wow! Nice find! Congratulations! :guns:
  23. Re: Another Drawing - non pirates again

    MythStardreamer - that's awesome! I love the eyes! :o
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    Poll: Re: How interested are you in PVP?

    Am I the only one that thought of The Matrix when he said that?

    *hears crickets chirping*

    Okay then. :pirate29:
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    Re: Did someones OC

    Yeah, I saw that on Twitter! That is extremely awesome. I love it! :o I think it'd be a bit difficult to do mine, though, unless we take off the helmet and sunglasses. :pirate29:
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