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  1. Re: "#RevivePirate101" Event Planned for 1/24/2021 by W101 Players

    I have seen that hashtag on twitter a few times. I might take advantage of that timeframe to finish leveling my other pirates. I do have one that's nearly max and another I think is in Cool Ranch. ...
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    Re: 2020 Plan

    8 years since Pirate101 was made. Quite a few of those years were spent with players pleading for a new world. I know I bought off the entire game with crowns long after they made Valencia part 2,...
  3. Re: I remember when this was the original paywall.

    I thought that was the original paywall! I remember getting crowns to continue playing the game after that point with a $20 walmart gift card. After they added Xol Akmul to the prologue they move...
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    Re: 2020 Arrgust Guess the Sweet Contest!

    I think 95 sweets
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    Re: Is anyone still subscribing?

    I purchased the entire game with crowns on my main account, so a membership isn't really needed. I'd really only think about getting one for my secondary account if I felt like questing on her...
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    Re: Contest Feedback

    I like the number guessing games a lot. Easy to enter. I have entered a couple of writing contests (one for pirate and one for wizard), but I'll only enter them if the topic is something I can do...
  7. Re: 2020 Friendship Festival Guessing Contest

    197 is my guess. Thanks for the contest!
  8. Re: 2019 Pirate101 Winter Wishes Guessing Contest

    I think I'll give this a shot. Maybe about 120 Lifesavers?
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    Re: A Great Gathering!

    Wish I had been there, I would've loved to join in on the fun. Maybe one day we'll get an update to the story line. Until then, lets continue to dance around the life fountain!
  10. Re: 2019 Pirate101 7th Anniversary Contest - Guess the Copper Coin Count!

    I'm guessing maybe 220? That's a lot of spare pennies
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    Poll: Re: Black Anne Rackham Nerf poll

    If anything, I know the dogs can be charmed. My heck kitty just charmed one during my fight
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    Re: Update Notes - October 2019

    I'm surprised they actually skipped the test realm for this update. Hope they aren't desperate to get people back/stay into Pirate101 thanks to the information that another book isn't in the works...
  13. Re: Next KI Live is Thursday, September 26, 2019

    I wondered why they didn't do that. I mean, the fight would've been interesting to watch if they had trained up the companions and had some proper gear.
  14. Re: Next KI Live is Thursday, September 26, 2019

    So, anyone going to be trying out the new key bosses while we wait for a new book to come out? I don't think there will be many players to do it
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    Re: Site security issue

    Same here, only I just now actually had two "stream all" sites pop up in separate tabs. Normally I get two Google search engines popping up when I start to scroll down. It's only here on Pirate101...
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    Re: Using Witch Hunter [COMPLETE]

    I was wondering if this was even something worth training at least to have on a pet (either granted to me or they do it themselves) for witchdoctor situations. This is something I think I'll...
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    Re: Meet Central Members Tag Game.

    Tag games like this are fun. Glad to see something like it on Pirate101 central
    1. I'm a self taught artist and paint little glass jars during my spare time that I sell when I can (haven't had...
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    Re: No Pirate Pet Central

    A kiosk for Pirate101 would be nice. It would allow for us to have an easier time finding pets with the powers/talents we want and possibly even on the body we want since pirate pets give nothing...
  19. Re: Worlds you'd like to explore in Pirate101.

    Dragonspyre would be awesome to see as a pirate rather than as a wizard. Grizzleheim and Darkmoor would be nice to see. If anything, at least Polaris so we could maybe move the storyline along a...
  20. Re: Deathcore hybrid reported on the main message boards

    Thanks! I wanted to see what the deathcore looked like and got luckier than I thought getting it XD I had to swap my scorpion from the first slot to the second because it was the only thing I kept...
  21. Re: Deathcore hybrid reported on the main message boards

    Took about 7 tries(only got one manticore out of all of the attempts lol), but here it is
  22. Re: Can't stitch two stabby weapons together?

    That stinks! It'd be like letting players in Wizard101 not stitch the Paradox gear to anything because it's unique. KI should at least put some sort of "can't be stitched" tag on anything that...
  23. Can't stitch two stabby weapons together?

    I'm a little confused by this. I finally got my hands on the nefarious knives (it'll do until the next gear sale for the boarding knives) last night and figured I'd stitch it this morning to my...
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    Re: "Cargo" crates in the Stormgates

    I've seen one once a few days ago. I honestly thought it was for one of my many side quests I've neglected to do when I picked one up and didn't realize they gave out gold. Awesome :thumbs-up:
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    Re: Spring Decorating Contest!

    I entered in one of my ship cabins just for fun. It's mostly a cozy Mooshu themed cabin, but it'll work. Even if I don't win it's still awesome they're doing this kind of contest :lol:
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