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  1. Re: 2020 Friendship Festival Guessing Contest

    Ah, okay. I didn't know. Sorry! :mybad:
  2. Re: 2020 Friendship Festival Guessing Contest

    I think FearlessGriffinD already guessed 150. :me:
  3. Re: Cool Companions Writing Contest

    Bumping this awesome competition thread! Anyone else wanna compete? :pirate24:

  4. Re: 2020 Friendship Festival Guessing Contest

    Yeah, I think that's kinda the point. T'wouldn't be such a challenge if one knew that dimension. ;)

  5. Re: 2020 Friendship Festival Companion Makeover Contest

    Ooh, I love that! :D Great job. :me:
  6. Re: The lack of updates is a serious issue

    Yes, KingsIsle does in fact own Pirate101 and Wizard101, and attempting to "sell" it or "invest" in it won't be much of a return-on investment for anyone. However, if you are familiar with the games...
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    Re: What did you accomplish today?

    I completely forgot about this thread for a while, so I've accomplished a lot in the meantime, haha. I've been working on a book, have finally submitted an entry for the Creative Writing Contest this...
  8. Re: 2020 Friendship Festival Contests!

    Done! Thanks for letting me know. :)
  9. Re: Cool Companions Writing Contest

    (Thanks so much for this epic contest, @Celestialmoon! :jackhat:)


    It was a cold, brisk night. The moon shone down on the gallant ship, Elusive Enigma, as the sails flapped violently and...
  10. Re: 2020 Friendship Festival Guessing Contest

    YISSS, Peanut M&Ms. So good! :p

    Anyway, my guess is 72, I s'pose. Thanks so much for this contest! :o
  11. Re: 2020 Friendship Festival Contests!

    Yay! I look forward to the writing contest if I can participate! :jackhat:
  12. Re: 50% Off Bundle Sale! (If you don't already have these...)

    Willowdreamer, I really appreciate that addition to the title. :pirate29:
  13. Has Anyone Noticed the New Ads?

    Has anyone else noticed the new way ads are coming up when looking at topics? I've never seen it that way before. :eek: It's not a big deal or an issue; just a random observation. :me:

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    Re: Armada Doodles

    Wow, this is amazing! Epic job! :thpirateshipff:
  15. Re: Band of the Hande - Easter Egg?

    Wow, clever! I love KingsIsle's sense of humor and seemingly never-ending references and Easter eggs. :pirate29:
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    Re: Hello

    Welcome aboard, @WolvLvr48! Enjoy your stay at Pirate101 Central! :jackhat:
  17. Poll: Re: What Is Your Favorite Pirate Type

    Swashbucklers forevaaah! I wish I could still vote on this poll. :T
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    Re: 2019 Twelve Days of the Spiral!

    These are definitely awesome gifts! :D

    But the awesomest gift of all would definitely have to be an update... ;)
  19. Re: November 2019 - Pirate101 Monthly Newsletter

    Bringing back Rogue's Gallery sounds great!

    (Aaand updates, but y'know. ;))
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    Re: Free Hoodoo Bundle Code below

    How thoughtful of you, GoldenGuardian! :D I'll let someone else take it, though, as I rarely play the game anymore and I'm not a fan of Witchdoctors in general. But thank you so much!!!
  21. Pretty Surreal Seeing My First Wiki Edit on the Wiki Page

    I made my first ever edit, although a minor one, on the "Creating a New Character" page to correct a misspelled Quest name, and it feels pretty surreal seeing it on there! :o It's so cool that we're...
  22. Re: Happy 7th Birthday Pirate101! Code: seventhbday2019

    Pirate101 lasted another birthday. Good for them.
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    Re: Good Hunting, Comrades.

    Veteran? Wow... That's probably the first time I've been referred to as a veteran player. :pirate29: It's funny that I never knew how close 2013 was to the starting date of Pirate101. :p

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    Re: Good Hunting, Comrades.

    100% agree, monkeycrew. See you in the Skyways, somewhere in the distant future. :o :keith:
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    Re: Good Hunting, Comrades.

    Haha, yep. I love this community and don't plan on leaving Central anytime soon. :pirate101:

    Will do (if I can find the time, that is)! I canceled my membership but I still have the benefits...
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