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    Re: The lack of updates is a serious issue

    Elder scrolls and other companies have made money off of unfixed pvp issues in wizard101 going as far as putting it directly in it advertisement. When toontown and some other games closed again many...
  2. Re: 50% Off Bundle Sale! (If you don't already have these...)

    But that just how far this company fallen. Selling bundles but the only likely buyers can't even get the top tier gear in pack or bundles as they dont even take the time to update money grabs.Geez...
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    Re: The lack of updates is a serious issue

    Wizard101 is huge compared to pirate101 in main not including side content. It not the same if you can't quest with others and the main story isn't truely complete. The problem is both games are...
  4. Re: Phrygian Frostlock (Level 70) information.....

    Maybe it missing (stabby) as that was how it was often use then it would explain the the range.
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    Re: The lack of updates is a serious issue

    I have 2 level 100 wizards. All classes are at least level 70 or higher. You can play wizard101 and play in virtually empty servers no matter what time of the day is. Finding questing buddies in...
  6. Re: Phrygian Frostlock (Level 70) information.....

    looks like a great april fools weapon if other in game weapons that drop more readily is better. o:
  7. Re: 50% Off Bundle Sale! (If you don't already have these...)

    I would buy bundles as there not that bad in this game. But what the point if i can't enjoy the game further then that last major short update.Content and promotions go hand in hand.More content...
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    Re: February Newsletter

    I rather they make quarterly news letters then they make a monthly with no New News about actually content or updates to this game. To me the news letters are to hint future events of whats to come...
  9. Re: Non-Musket Mojo Storm / Blast / Strike DMG is Inconsistent

    What if will power is the primary that being used for strictly magic spells. Each class varies in that stat when it not there primary stat. Example buccaneers have one the lowest base willpower...
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    The lack of updates is a serious issue

    No events no content updates no nothing. The lack of world content is doing more damage to this game and the company then hoard packs and other buyable content. Wizard101 story can only go so far...
  11. Re: What Pirate101 has that Wizard101 doesn't

    What about puppet shows that explains what happened in a world or back stories to major baddies such as captain blood or kane. Pirate101 obviously is the better product and has way more life...
  12. Food or entertainent? Ki has lost it way in the gaming world!

    So i recently moved out my parents how been on my own for several months now. it had it high and lows but it all been working out. But the reason i havent been on pirate101 for several months is not...
  13. The moment you realize life is expensive.....


    That moment you realize growing up cost real money...
  14. Anyone up for Capt Blood Obsidian Boss?

    So have a few keys that i gotten from helping others with quest. Anyone up to try for his coat?
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    Re: Wooden Key Farming

    Skull island extended story bosses like floating dutchman instances have been pretty generous with key drop as all fights have a fair chance. And because it tends to be popular for low levels to team...
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    3 key Giveway

    Code word: KRAMPUSFEST
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    Re: Krampus Keys

    75221 Here another in the pyrimid of fire
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    Confirmed wood key drop

    So i started a new musk with spooky. I was fighting the crabs (non people ones when i got this).75192
  19. It time to rework origins to make them great again.

    Where you came from matters not only in real life but in game to. In pirate101 a bad origin can affect your character growth and potential. I can't begin to talk about characters i deleted because...
  20. Re: Witch and Privateer Companion Uniqueness

    Carcarius is one companion good on paper but terrible in use. Scratch accuracy is way better in Pve setting then carcarius though there stats are nearly identical. Carcarius with bonnie can destroy...
  21. Re: Witch and Privateer Companion Uniqueness

    The issue with those companions are the lack there of. Lucky Jack Russel/ Generic Version,Scratch Mormc Generic. Jack is deadly but without will buffs he not good on non privateer/ Witchdoctor...
  22. Re: How To Get Rid of Sticky Abilities/Talents

    Pirate101 pet system bit more complicated compared to wizards. But in general the best way to avoid sticky unwanted talents is to first get the talent you want by teen or rehatch until it appears...
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    Re: The Fort Glitch.

    Fort glitch seem like the shatter glitch. Where we found out after so many shields beyond a normal amount shatter doesn't remove them all. I wonder when purge is used a tipical amount of buffs or...
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    Re: Actual Skeleton KEY locations?

    Mobs drop it which seems good.
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    Re: Fix Mojo Doom

    This statement is incorrect. This spell doesn't always hit all enemies some times it hit mainly your team. If it a really hit all then it needs to do it because as of now it not even doing that.
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