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  1. Re: 2021 - October Birth-o-ween Contest - Guess How Many

    I guess I'll do 220
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    Re: Spookiest Treasure Hunting Tales!

    Corrupt Carlos wasn’t originally “corrupt” as per this capn’s name. He was a simple “Carlos,” born from parents as mysterious as the path to El Dorado. While the pirate be in fine tune with his crew...
  3. Re: What kind of prizes is the community looking for these days?

    Definitely crowns, pack companions and bundle companions would be nice, too. Also the site's raffle system needs to be back in operation as an additional chance to get a prize if none of the contests...
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    Re: What are you currently farming?

    The hardest items I want to get, even after doing second chance chests, have been a single "Imperial Robe of Moo Manchu" and the equivalent boots from the "Tower of Moo Manchu," in addition to ANY...
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    Re: Companion Sale! Save 40% off companions!

    2012 was the beginning of Pirate101. In ye olde days, b4 the "Friendship Festival" existed, we originally has Me Hearties sales each February where it was a half off discount on the starter companion...
  6. Re: Next KI Live - Thursday, April 29 2020 4 pm US Central Time

    It's highly likely that due to a former contract by former management, Leah/Falmea was under oath and legally contracted to refrain from disclosing any of the information she said now regarding the...
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    Sticky: Re: Firsthand Observations Thread

    Have you a screenshot or two? People have confirmed to receive Haywire weapons moreso from the Blightbeard fight, not the Black Annie fight.
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    Re: Veteran's Day 2020

    I was informed this item is "No Trade" for some reason, so I guess one has to put it on a buccaneer or privateer to keep it, lest they decide to make it trade-able.
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    Re: October 2020 - Celebrations

    It be 20 days since me message here. I take it Kingsisle did not provide prizes for Pirate101 Central for contests this month...
  10. Re: Turn the Tide 5 Does Not Give Flat +25% Crit Chance

    besides Diskylos have you considered or tried another boss? Just curious because maybe the factor of the enemy's crit chance can be thrown into the equation, too. Ya never know. That, and maybe grab...
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    Re: Can the grizzly beast summons be boosted?

    Baar feels like the main confirmed bear to have his summons be boosted. I been going back and forth with a friend, and he showed me screens from his end using both Old Scratch and Baar that Baar's 2...
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    Re: Booster Pack Sales

    Ya know what else be bothersome? the sale price no longer be 199 crowns per pack as before, but 299 crowns instead! Granted that is still ok, but losing an original discount price is one too many...
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    Re: How hard is it to inherit pet traits?

    if we CAN See what all the talents and powers are, it would NOT even help how random each new trained pets are. It's all by the luck of the draw. Sometimes you get a pet you want, sometimes you...
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    Re: Halloween Costume and Decorating Contest

    they mostly host contests every Halloween and Christmas since 2012, although you did not play Pirate since 2012, so I would not fault you for not knowing information just like a veteran player like...
  15. Re: Do you like the difficulty setting in Valencia part 2?

    The overall response is no, but no matter how much feedback and pleading we provide, nothing will convince the staff to fix and balance the final area to be fairer to people not using Blood Flames...
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    Re: October 2020 - Celebrations

    I'm guessing we'll have a few contests this month, even if Jester has not had the raffle function repaired for a while
  17. Re: Remember when we used to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day?

    My favorite time for Talk like a Pirate Day was when they did Crowns shop sales during the occasion. We had a 50% ALL packs and Starter Companions sale in 2014, which would have been FANTASTIC for me...
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    Re: Do rare loots from bosses have rng?

    Unlike some other MMORPGs, neither 101 game has recorded or extracted info of every rare items' RNG percentage. As far as common knowledge goes, Decius is the one who programs the RNG percentage of...
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    Any ETA to this forum?

    There's a couple things I want to point out that does give people uncertainty of using this forum. One important part is the lack of the url as an "https://" link. Due to browsers NOT recognizing...
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    Re: Arrrgust Random Reward Revelry

    Ratbeard, ye rascal, ye think ye be done being a scary shipmate at Scrooge's manor? Well, this witchdoctor says ye WRONG, for we must journey back to this place of reckonin', for no crew member of...
  21. Re: 2020 Arrrgust Crossword Puzzle Contest - DISCUSSION THREAD

    When will the winners be announced?
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    Re: Super Scaly Sale!

    The Mooshu turtle mount should be on sale, too, yet it's not. sigh. Seems like they won't make any immediate crowns shop corrections these days no matter how much we try and tell em
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    Re: Shark Week 2020

    the Skirunner is supposed to be on sale as advertised on the article in Tradewinds Tribune, but it's not. So far I have not received an update from Bat Masterson, but it's highly unlikely anyone on...
  24. Re: What is your favorite interactable housing item?

    The fan artbooks because essentially speaking, they are the game's only source of playing background music in your home while looking through fan submitted works that sadly, don't get updated in-game.
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    Poll: Re: Poll: Troggies, primitve or not?

    You are aware this was a discussion back in 2018?

    To my response to the OP, I frankly say it can swing both ways, depending on who you ask. I personally don't have a point of view on Troggies.
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