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    Re: Armada Doodles

    2 years later I decided to color the battle death angel concept. The Dragoon is far more complex task so I may do it at a much later date (or never). Hope you guys enjoy!

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    Security Breach

    I just got this while logging on. Have any of you gotten it or something similar, or is it just me???

    Bat Masterson
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    Re: Wintertime Fireside Tales Contest

    Congrats everyone! I kinda forgot about this contest lol, but reading all the entries was nice!! Thanks again to celestial and central for hosting this!

    Thanks monkey! I was going for a...
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    Re: Using Proximity Mines [Complete]

    An excellent and informative post, as usual. First time I have been aware of that double trigger, so may add that to my list of tricks when need be.

    I think another interesting case to consider...
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    Re: Wintertime Fireside Tales Contest

    The Quest for Firewood
    So I wrote a story at 3am with severe jetlag :monkeydance:and this was the outcome:

    Lord Kane, grand admiral of the Valencian Armada. A cold and calculated machine, swift...
  6. Re: The generosity of the 12 days of the spiral

    That is just cruel now. If anything, they need to be more generous to long term pirate players. Aside from the sales you mentioned, would be nice if we got 5-6 free booster packs instead of like 2,...
  7. Re: The generosity of the 12 days of the spiral

    Yeah I agree. 250 crowns isn't too big a deal, would be nice if minimum limit was 500 instead. Packs have gotten worse as well, most of them are now 95% junk furniture drops, and it wasn't like this...
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    Re: Just my opinion

    You shouldn't always edit your post and just have "close thread" most of the time. If you want more involvement and to generate conversation (as I think this was ur point based on bats and willows...
  9. Re: 2019 Pirate101 Winter Wishes Guessing Contest

    137 if I come second would like 5000 crown prize instead.

    Thanks for the contest willow!
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    Pirate Haven and

    ​Pirate Haven: This is a shipyardsy kinda post but I was wondering if we could have access to a room with all 6 potential pirates we have, like a pirate haven room extension in taverns. The login...
  11. Re: Obsidian/Nightmare Brass fight -- information revealed

    Excuse me what?? I didn't pay attention much to enemy stats until you brought this up??

    924 Base Strength? With a whales might, this doubles to 1848 Strength??? And with two whales might as some...
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    Re: A Great Gathering!

    A desperate attempt to rage against the inevitable. We will refuse to die.
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    Free Hoodoo Bundle Code below

    I have had some problems redeeming prizes from the halloween decorating contest this year. I have emailed them about the new code and got another code. When redeeming the new code it I got this...
  14. Re: Next KI Live is Thursday, October 31, 2019

    There has been a slight error in prizes. The 20 000 crowns code works fine, but I got sent a code for hoodoo bundle that was already redeemed. I was actually supposed to win the galleon instead after...
  15. Re: Next KI Live is Thursday, October 31, 2019

    How to redeem prizes if you won Bat Masterson ? I sent a mail to community at KI like last times decorating contest, is that what is supposed to be done?

    Anyways, thanks for the contest and the...
  16. Re: Not sure what best ship gear is currently

    The heavy armor from the Valencian ship vendor in Florenza is far superior to the Polarian one, with 615 hull integrity. Fisher already has this equipped. In fact most of the gear he sells is the...
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    New Demigod Pack Concept

    I know we already have an Aquilan themed bundle and a lot of stuff from Aquila, but after butchering my golden eagle in paint3d [yeah shake my head and yours too] I made some concepts for the...
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    Re: Blue Obsidian Jacket?

    There is no blue obsidian jacket dropped by Captain Blood.

    The Blue variation is actually a result of a glitch that was patched very early on, nearly immediately after the release of the first...
  19. Re: BUG REPORT - Khord Charred Shaman 2nd promotion


    Image Credits to Nojow
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    Re: Pirate Nightmare Pack items

    Can anyone confirm if the new Blightbeard and Black Annie fights have the same gear as the one in these packs? The grimblades seem, well quite similar at least.
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    I forgot why I loved this game

    So yeah after doing years of monotonous grinding for boss gear, collecting 100/100 defeat badges and trying to perfect pets, I was reminded today of why I really like this game. Yeah, dungeons and...
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    The mad lad actually did it

    This is my mate Christopher. With him black annie was an easy fight to do most of the time with deathless runs.

    100 Black Annie runs

    100 Blight Runs

    Yeah also 200 runs with no...
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    Re: New Carrier Bat Mount

    Anyone else slightly disturbed by this mount? It looks... pure evil... Especially the mouth.

    On a side note, I think the seraphim and dark wings should be larger, around the size of this bat's...
  24. Re: 2019 Pirate101 7th Anniversary Contest - Guess the Copper Coin Count!

    321 pennies also ifirst prize meant to be same as second prize? Surely it’s higher huh
  25. Re: Spooky Short Stories of the Spiral Contest

    Greetings Captain. Attached below are JOURNAL EXCERPTS FROM CAPTAIN SILVER DINO HAWKINS, found in battered condition. This came to us three days ago in Fort Dread. Make of it what you will Avery, but...
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