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  1. Pet Talents: Enhanced Armor has incomplete information

    It has come to my attention that the pages for the enhanced armor talents say that it grants a flat bonus in armor.
    Whine not incorrect, it's not the full effect of this talent.
    The talent also...
  2. Editing pages related to pet Abilities: What shoud we do?

    When taking a look at various pet abilities on the wiki, there appears to be a inconsistency when it comes to how we describe them:

    Some pages(for example Enhanced Armor 1) display the amount of...
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    Re: Enhanced Armor 3

    Actually, there is a legitimate reason why those zeroes are there, and that's because the pet shown has so little base armor.

    Each pet talent rank of enhanced armor provides 2 separate armor...
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    Re: Firsthand Observations Thread

    I have a question.

    If a 1st Gen. pet manifests a talent that is in the talent pool, as stated on the wiki, but in the wrong slot, is it normal or does it needs changing.

    Because i got this 1st...
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    Re: January 2022 Housing Sale

    Just to make everyone aware, the discount only applies with Crowns. The price in Gold is unchanged.
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