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  1. Pirate101 Abilities Guide (+ misc info)


    Today, I present a project I've been working on behind the scenes since 2017.
    This project has been made public for a while, but I haven't shown it here yet (although I did mention it...
  2. Regarding Hit Chance, Critical Rolls

    In your Pirate101 career, you might have heard something about hit chance or hit chance / critical priority...

    As for me, I've heard various things, including...
    ー Hit chance = 75 + Accuracy -...
  3. Re: Bonus Critical, Damage / Heal "Inconsistency" Explained

    (This is part 3 of the article.)

    Bonus Section
    Information here is mostly for completion (as these points were a huge part of my investigations).
    Feel free to skip this section if you wish.
  4. Re: Bonus Critical, Damage / Heal "Inconsistency" Explained

    (This is part 2 of the article.)

    Example: "Drains"
    This same formula affects "drains" in a different way, so here's an example:
    Near the end of a battle in Devilfish Hollow, I used a Jobu's...
  5. Bonus Critical, Damage / Heal "Inconsistency" Explained

    A while back, a member of another fansite posted about bonus Critical Chance.
    While that post is no longer available, it had some important points.
    There was also a graph of data, comparing data...
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    Re: New Power, Ravenous Strike

    To my knowledge, the damage dealt by Ravenous Strike is equal to [Weapon Power] ✕ (1 + 0.002 ✕ [unit's main stat]). basically, your total Weapon Power.
    e.g. my Nikeeta has 274 WP (234 base...
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    Re: Scorpius - New Power, Ravenous Strike

    That's new o.O Good find!!
    I wonder if any other Companions got changes like this.....
  8. Re: In-Game Comparison: Haywire Pistoleer Set v. Nefarious Novablaster

    I went and briefly swapped around some stuff around the same level with some other characters.
    At the moment, I believe that it's probably that Epic Talents have some sort of perceived value over a...
  9. In-Game Comparison: Haywire Pistoleer Set v. Nefarious Novablaster


    I had an interesting observation earlier today......

    Apparently, the game seems to think that the Nefarious Novablaster is a better Weapon than the Haywire Pistoleer Set.....
    The game...
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    The Master's Special Power.....


    I am not sure if any of you know or have seen much on this, but The Master has a special Power that they can use.
    As of the time this post has been made, the Wiki does not have information...
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    Recent Colored Sketches


    Unfortunately, I haven't been able to sketch as much recently.

    That said, I have recently dived into trying to do colored pencil art.
    Here are the two colored sketches I did recently:
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    Re: Pirate101 Movement Simplified

    Ya know, it really can be that simple, but at the same time, not exactly, because of inconsistency in the game.

    With how you note it..... (some examples)
    Elusive 2+ gives +2 Movement, consistent...
  13. Re: Turn the Tide 5 Does Not Give Flat +25% Crit Chance


    Honestly, when oding these tests, I assumed that the chance the enemy had to critical did not affect my chance to critical on them.
    My idea for Critical Chance was that the total...
  14. Re: Turn the Tide 5 Does Not Give Flat +25% Crit Chance

    Might I ask what you mean by "natural bonus"...?
    If you mean the stat-based Critical Chance boost, I'd think you might be implying that the game would take 25% of that Critical Chance boost.
  15. Re: Which class can I beat this game with while using only my fist?

    Your rule clarification list reminds me of something I want to ask ― are there any specific rules on Doubloon usage?
  16. Turn the Tide 5 Does Not Give Flat +25% Crit Chance


    It has been brought to my attention that some people think that Turn the Tide 5 grants +25% Critical Chance, in addition to the Weapon Power, Accuracy, Dodge, and Strength bonus that the...
  17. Re: Which class can I beat this game with while using only my fist?

    Analysis ― Attacks

    I see no restrictions for Spell Power.
    Therefore, it would be reasonable to assume that Musketeer, Privateer, or Witchdoctor would have an easy time.
    The rules also do not...
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    Re: Mega Gear Pack - Items?

    (Ah, I've been meaning to make a reply, but haven't gotten to it until today, apologies!)

    I have several accounts (for testing purposes, of course; why else? lol), so I have multiple screenshots...
  19. Re: Are you an early bird or a night owl?

    I'm typically a night owl when it comes to playing or watching P101.
    At the end of the day is when I get to relax or collect data (although admittedly, I haven't been doing as much in terms of P101...
  20. Re: Remember when we used to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day?

    Woah, didn't know that P101C could display pirate speak in place of regular text. o:

    Unfortunate that you weren't able to reply before today, though. ;;

    Regardless, happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!
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    Re: Red-linked Items

    Oops, forgot to include that. (lol)

    Here's a picture displaying a sell price of 189 Gold:

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    Re: Red-linked Items

    Heh, guess I got real lucky ― happened to snipe the last copy of it from the Bazaar.
    (Gut feeling told me to check P101C and log in to P101, then to check the

    Here are the images...
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    Re: Wow - Mojo Bolt finally lands

    Woah, yours hit? That's quite fun. ^^'

    Here's a fun fact about Wild Bolt:
    If you have Quick Adjust 3 and you miss the Wild Bolt, you get a free +25% Accuracy boost from Quick Adjust 3 for the...
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    Re: Water Guardian's Staff question

    Ah, okay.
    I'm thinking that noting weapons' Damage type could be easily done by putting it next to the weapon's Weapon Power (to the right of the number).
    I don't think a new field is necessary for...
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    Re: Water Guardian's Staff question

    Fair point.

    We do have things like the Standard Bearer's Coat, which is both a hat and a robe (for some odd reason), after all.

    The main point isn't really about comparing item names to what...
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