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    Re: [Missing] Houngan's Obsidian Boots

    Sell price is 38 gold, which is abysmally low for level 70 boss gear. This claim sounds ridiculous so I have included the screenshot below for additional verification. Just for comparison, a random...
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    Re: [Missing] Houngan's Obsidian Boots

    Hello don't know if you still need this.

    [Male version]

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    Re: [WIP] Golden Hour Before Twilight

    Amazing. Love how you have shaded each brick with so much care and attention to detail. Same goes for the trees. Its looking very good so far, can not wait to see your finished product!

  4. Re: Next KI Live is Thursday, August 29, 2019

    May as well not celebrate our birthday to be honest. No need for pointless gifts scattered throughout the spiral giving 7 day mounts and pet food. Only non-paying players under level 10 hunt for...
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    Re: Swashbuckler Kane solo run

    Interesting strategy. I usually fog and boost flames. Whilst hiding I place flames and minions near the flames so the enemy walks into the fire.
    Learned a couple of cool things from your video...
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    Re: Cabin Glitch

    Exactly. I am still not a fan of banning people for this, even if its unethical. It's KI's fault for not fixing it for years. If you ban whatever remaining players there are, then that is a very...
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    Re: Cabin Glitch

    I am no coding expert, but surely you can do what Logan has suggested and disable the preview button in dungeons.

    As for bans, that is quite excessive in my opinion. The glitch is and has been...
  8. What Kings Isle should have done for mobile gaming.

    I think entering the mobile gaming market would have actually been a great move for KI, if they did it properly, and if a bit of luck was on their side.

    Personally, I really like the strategy in...
  9. Re: What if KI just asks us for a monetary gift?

    Ok, after giving it some thought, and looking at how much money WoW makes (and thats a lot), i feel like the cost of a new world maybe more than even $1 500 000.

    For me the price of one year...
  10. Re: What if KI just asks us for a monetary gift?

    So the main arguments of this thread are
    i) how much money does KI need to make a new pirate101 world,
    ii) how many people are willing to donate.

    Lets break this down, how expensive is...
  11. Poll: Re: For Vice42 - The Nefarious 6th Badge Being Implemented on Companions

    I would rather be able to "dye" or change the color of nefarious eyes in pirates. Red is cool, but white, blue, yellow, purple or whatever colored nefarious eyes would be cool as well. Variety is...
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    I lost my boots

    Hey guys I lost my boots somewhere in the spiral and they mean a lot to me. I have had so many precious memories with my boots and am very sad:bawling:

    Here is a photo of my boots:


  13. Re: Temple Guardian in Blood Obsidian Key Fight?

    This is normal. After the first three rounds, Blood summons the three normal specters we are all familiar with. If you manage to reach round 6, he will summon 3 elephant ghosts, which are the temple...
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    Sticky: Re: 2018-2019 Member Benefits Register

    I feel like all these benefits, and more, should be permanently accessible whilst having a member status. All benefits together as one are more lucrative (for me at least) than having a single...
  15. Re: My Deleted Post on the Main Message Boards

    I disagree, it is still about finances and basic business strategy.

    Clearly Wizard101 is the money making machine for KI, and Pirate101 is not. Yes, they do have money to invest in p101, and to...
  16. Re: My Deleted Post on the Main Message Boards


    I think its also important to keep in mind a lot of players do not visit the official boards- heck, a lot aren't even aware of its existence. If they were to voice their opinions, the...
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    Re: Meet Central Members Tag Game.

    Thanks Aurora!!!!, ok here I go:

    1.) Whenever I go to bed, I get stuck in imaginary world building. My main project world is one set in an age of modern-day superheroes [similar to MHA but on a...
  18. Re: My Deleted Post on the Main Message Boards

    Yes I agree with you, I also do not think her post was inappropriate. To clarify what I meant- I believe that the forum ruling on inappropriate posts is vague because the classification of what is...
  19. Re: My Deleted Post on the Main Message Boards

    With respect to your reply, the rules of the official message boards forum do not allow:

    -inappropriate posts
    -posting negative rants with no constructive point
    -derogatory statements towards...
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    Re: Nothing for Pirate (again)

    A lot of players want transparency, even though the state of the game is already pretty clear. I guess at this point some, not all of us, would rather take "we have no major plans at the moment"...
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    Re: Nothing for Pirate (again)

    I give up. There is no reason for me to log on. It's gotten to the point that merely typing my username and password on the login screen seems exhausting, so much so that I close the game and decide...
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    Re: #MentalHealthAwareness Pirates

    2013 was a dream of spring come fulfilled, with the occasional thunderstorm of glitching buffoonery. Bam! Not just one, but TWO new world updates 6 months since the genesis of the game in late 2013....
  23. Re: Worlds you'd like to explore in Pirate101.

    There is way too much I would like to explore. I will just list some of the things I want to explore, from least favorite to most favorite concepts...

    Exploring New Worlds:

    El Dorado. It...
  24. Re: HIGH Flying Glitch Discussion Thread

    As far as I am aware, nothing has come of it. I have seen no one do the glitch since I last posted here. I did explore some of the games files and did not find too much- most of the files were swf (I...
  25. Thread: Memes

    by GoldenGuardian

    Re: Memes

    Video memes????:monkeydance:
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