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    Re: New Power, Ravenous Strike

    It appears that "beast" summons such as the Nefarious Scorpions and the drake from Wyvern's Song also gained an instance of this power.
  2. Re: The Ship Cabin Glitch Could Be Costing Kingsisle $109,375.00 Per Day!

    6 million is probably the number of accounts for wizard/pirate total. Companies like to call each account a "player" to inflate their numbers.
  3. Re: 2019 Pirate101 7th Anniversary Contest - Guess the Copper Coin Count!

    450 coins.
  4. Re: Odd Damage with Readied Spell in Blightbeard Fight

    I've noticed that my magical damage melee weapon can barely scratch that water-mole, but it seems that ranged attacks do a lot of damage.
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    Spirits of Yuletide now OP?

    I guess KI decided to show some love to the poor old Spirits of Yuletide. The dog buccaneer gets 8 epics (I think he comes with cheap shot 2 so you get 6 choices) and a mighty charge and epic strike....
  6. [UNCONFIRMED] Possible drop of Haywire Weapons from Blightbeard

    I don't have any evidence of this, but I noticed that I had what appeared to be a new haywire weapon in my inventory after farming Blightbeard and Annie. I haven't been to the dreadnought since the...
  7. Thread: Annie

    by Robobot1747

    Re: Annie

    Three critical shots and 7 epics doesn't seem terrible. Pretty cool.
  8. Re: The Ship Cabin Glitch Could Be Costing Kingsisle $109,375.00 Per Day!

    This assumes that each pirate that does this would have bought 3 second chance chest rolls. Do you have any data to back up this assumption? (which frankly seems rather far-fetched to me)
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    Sticky: Re: Lots of Information to Verify

    I fixed the Obsidian Deathdealers' damage value. Screenshot for proof: 75855
  10. Re: Ratbeard Q&A Thread (from Main Message Boards)

    One thing I'd like is a rework to the ship combat system. I find it almost funny that a game with such a rich strategy side on the battleboard is reduced to facerolling 4 buttons and hoping you do...
  11. [WANTED TO MORPH] Grants Burst Fire, Mojo Rising, Double Tap, Readied Spell

    Looking for these talents for my witchdoctor pet. Readied Spell can be Overwatch but I'd prefer the former. As for powers, I'd like Kraken's Lament and Rally, but those aren't as important.
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    Re: Wait, so who IS still around?

    Bat/Sparck did a stream literally just yesterday.
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    Battle Standard Rework

    I recently bought the Hoodoo Bundle and Empire Bundle. I have no regrets about my purchase, but it seems that the standards that are included are rather lackluster. They have a very small range and...
  14. Re: 2018 Pirate Plum Pudding Plunder Guess How Many Contest

    I guess 123.
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    Re: 2018 Pirate Plum Pudding - Wild West 1v1

    Do items from Obsidian English Bill count as Cool Ranch origin items?
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