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  1. Blade Storm with a ranged weapon....


    As some of you might've already known, Blade Storm can activate with a ranged weapon.

    I'd think the usual response to this would probably be either of the following....
    ー "Oh, it's...
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    [Sketch] Lazy Day

    Tried drawing for a bit today....
    ....didn't get to accomplish much, though. Oh well.

    Here's a picture of the sketch....


    (yeah, it's unfinished for a reason lol)

  3. Re: Non-Musket Mojo Storm / Blast / Strike DMG is Inconsistent

    Apologies for the late reply.

    I believe that I used Phule's Wand during my Musketeer testing back then, as that is my usual Musketeer weapon (for the Spell Power buffs for Musketeer bombs).
  4. Re: KI Live set for Jan 30, 2020 at 4 pm Central US

    Aw, neat!

    I suppose my entries for this KI Live will be....

    What are your favorite abilities (Epic Talents and/or Powers) to use in battle?

    For players that have been...
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    Re: Using Proximity Mines [Complete]

    After my brief testing, I concluded that the Mine’s damage does not carry to the Terror-Cotta Warriors’ Explosive! Epic Talent.
    @ultimatewizardx said that the damage does not carry because they are...
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    Re: Using Proximity Mines [Complete]

    Although I have used Proximity Mines during the two Terror-Cotta fights in the past, I have not noticed any significant Damage like what you described from Explosive!, the Epic Talent that damages...
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    Using Proximity Mines [Complete]

    Gracie Conrad is one of my favorite companions to have on the crew when I'm playing on my Musketeer.

    As you might've guessed, it's for the Proximity Mines Power she has.
    Simple in concept, but...
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    Re: Negative Dodge.

    In theory, considering the chance to hit with a normal / basic attack is said to be: 75 + [Accuracy] — [Dodge].....
    I’d assume that it would technically turn into +8 Accuracy for the attacker.

  9. Detailed Guide to Musketeer Class Powers [Complete]

    Hello there.

    As a Musketeer main, I was curious as to whether a detailed Musketeer Powers guide existed.
    The Pirate101 Central Wiki pages for those Powers, in a way, count, but a lot of the...
  10. Re: Non-Musket Mojo Storm / Blast / Strike DMG is Inconsistent

    If I had the Staff of Power (pure Staffy), the numbers for the base damage would be changed, but that weapon was not used during testing.
    Therefore, the change in weapons should not change the...
  11. Non-Musket Mojo Storm / Blast / Strike DMG is Inconsistent


    I've wanted to make a post about this for a while, considering that I've known about this for at least a month.

    Long story short.....Mojo Storm, Mojo Blast, and Mojo Strike don't always...
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    Re: Negative Dodge.

    Bonnie's Scatterblast reduces all affected enemies' Dodge by a flat 25 Dodge.

    To obtain the negative Dodge, I had someone else use Bonnie's Scatterblast on my Pirate.
    To view the negative...
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    Negative Dodge.


    Short post for now, might be working on a more important post soon.

    Anyway, here's a random fun fact....
    Negative stats are a thing (although the only obtainable one I can think of is...
  14. Thread: Hello

    by Cody Nightblade

    Re: Hello

    Aye, welcome aboard the piratin' side of the Spiral!
    Hope ye enjoy yer stay!
  15. Blazing Berm ー detailed information

    Hello there.

    Considering that Blazing Berm's in-game Power card/image doesn't say much or look appealing, I was genuinely curious about it and how it worked.
    Recently, I've obtained one of the...
  16. Phrygian Frostlock (Level 70) information.....

    Hello there.

    ....let's just say that this weapon is.....interesting.

    At a cost of 5,750 Crowns, this Level 70+ weapon has a base range of....1.
    That's right, a range of 1. (I assume that the...
  17. Re: Information about Fin Dorsal's Gullet fight

    Here's some additional information for these enemies:

    Cutthroat -- updated enemy image:

    Cutthroat (Lv6) combat image:

    Dog Pirate (Lv6) combat image:
  18. Re: Information about Fin Dorsal's Gullet fight

    Just found the health for the Dog Pirate (Gullet) that can be encountered in Fin's Gullet fight:
  19. Information about Fin Dorsal's Gullet fight

    Hi there.

    I recently noted an interesting fact about Fin Dorsal's Gullet fight.

    Basically, after the end of every fourth round, up to round 12, a Cutthroat enemy spawns.

    Fin Dorsal's Gullet...
  20. Re: Helios Set (Level 60+) not Stitchable.....

    Oops, seems I forgot to show more weapon-stitching attempts above. Sorry about that ^^'7

    I remember on the official Pirate101 message boards that One-Eyed Jack stated that the Frostlock weapons...
  21. Helios Set (Level 60+) not Stitchable.....

    A bit of a frustrating observation....

    It seems that the Helios Set (Level 60+) isn't stitchable to regular Shooty/Slashy weapons.

    Here's a picture that shows this:
  22. Re: Obsidian/Nightmare Brass fight -- information revealed

    Here are some additional screenshots showing these enemies' Epics and health:

    Berserker Cat:

    Crazy Water Mole Witchdoctor:
  23. Buck's Blitzers....can be Strength-based


    Here's a little odd fact:
    Buck's Blitzers can be based on Strength if your Strength is greater than your Agility.
    I first found out about this through my friend, Amber.
    However, the...
  24. Obsidian/Nightmare Brass fight -- information revealed

    Hello there.

    As I've noticed, there isn't much information on what happens in the Count Brastillo de Brass (Nightmare) fight.

    With the help of one of my buddies (Amber ー the same friend who...
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!

    When it's Thanksgiving, but you forgot the turkey....
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