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  1. Re: My Deleted Post on the Main Message Boards

    Matt is OUR CM, just his real name, guess everones used to using Spark/Masterson
  2. Re: My Deleted Post on the Main Message Boards

    Shround of the Avatar (went by "Berek") and would delete/mod posts that were critical of the game and genereally insulting things towards players (kinda like what he's doing now with moderation and...
  3. Re: My Deleted Post on the Main Message Boards

    The sad part is Matt was well-kown for doing this in the previous game he modded for, to the point that people were GLAD to see him gone, and since KI cares far less than the other company, i...
  4. Re: Next KI Live - Thursday, June 27 2019 4 pm US Central Time

    Spoiler: There going to gloss over pirate like they have for the past 6 years and pretend like it dosen't exist, they don't care about us anymore.
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    Re: leave kingsisle be please

    oh boy... another person who thinks crtisism= negativity...

    Yeah no i'm not just going to "leave kingsisle be", they rightly deserve all the flack they've been getting with how upper mangement...
  6. Re: My Deleted Post on the Main Message Boards

    The issue with this is KI can easially flag anything they don't like, even if its trurly critical as "negative", it's an issue I have with most game fourms, since a biased mod could delete...
  7. Re: My Deleted Post on the Main Message Boards

    Yeah honestly i find that reply insulting, does he not realise this community has been waitign 3-6 years with near comple radio silence, with the only "updates" we get are spins in the face via the...
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    Re: Nothing for Pirate (again)

    Annnd just like that you just confirmed that i'll never be subbing again thanks for killing a great mmo in favor of 6-8 mobile games that all failed fantastcialy, very cool KI, VERY cool
  9. Re: Worlds you'd like to explore in Pirate101.

    ~Darkmoor, it deserves to be an actual world

    ~ Rajah, it's one of the few named worlds left in both games that dosen't have a world, it would be intresting to see KI's take on India

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    Re: May, 2019 Newsletter

    > "A communtiy of pirates"

    >Implying Pirate even has a community anymore
  11. Re: Haven't played since Valencia part 2 came out, have I missed anything?

    As far as mainline, story content: No, you didn't miss anything, game's still dying due to severe lack of content

    We did get a couple of side related activites such as the party barge (daily...
  12. Re: Community Manager Livestream - Thurs Mar 14, 3:30 pm Central US

    How cute of them to make a livestream to make it look like Pirate isn't dead
  13. Re: Next KI Live - Thursday, February 28 2019 4 pm US Central Time

    It's more like a 6th year, because Valencia hardly counts as an update
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    Re: Guess Me Matey's Munchies Bunch Contest

    Gonna wing it and guess 105
  15. Thread: a drawing

    by DarkFire054

    Re: a drawing

    Look great, do you plan on drawing any of ther other androids?
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    Re: Quick recap, thanks

    Asides from the above mentioned key update, the game is pretty much in the same, decaying state it's been in since forever, you didnt really miss much at all
  17. Re: Falmea Friday: Let's Start at the Very Beginning

    Stop foucsing on minor Qol stuff that dosent sustian a playerbase and start updating the game, you want to know why people keep saying they think you don't care about the game? this is why
  18. Re: Is this game dead? Is it still worth playing?

    While I personaly think the game is worth playing as the quality stays pretty high (Untill the dumpster fire of an arc ender happens), I still would caution agaisnt buying anything for the game...
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    Re: Falmea Friday - New Years Traditions

    Add: Actual content

    Change: Lack of content
  20. Re: Falmea Thursday - Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

    You added just skeleton keys.. not allot to choose from...
  21. Re: Falmea Friday - Would you like to know more?

    I'd like to know more about Polaris and why we still haven't gone there
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    Re: Blind Mew's post on Wiz forums

    I would reccomend going out to MMO fourms and other spots on the net to sus out games for your tastes, as there are quite of bit of them foating out there, from major to minor
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    Re: Blind Mew's post on Wiz forums

    With the ammount of heart Sam/Mew puts into his work I really feel like he would be better off elsewhere, now don't get me wrong this isn't anything agaisnt the games but with Pirate always...
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    Re: Falmea Friday - The Keymaster!

    Haven't tried any of them yet, Skeleton keys isn't enough of a draw for me to want to re-sub
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    Re: Up to date?

    Skeleton Keys and promotion, nothing really new or exicting other than that, can't give too much to Pirate becuase that'd take away from the mobile budget
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