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  1. Re: We need a Update- New Levels , New Everything Dont forget about US

    There no plan for anything this year for pirate101. Kingsisle already confirmed another arc for wizards and they also confirmed another test realm. It clear there not going to do anything. They just...
  2. Re: Reviving Pirate101 - The Offical Response

    Kingsisle done with Pirate101 they won't even take the time to make hoards Packs. They decided to let the game bleed until there no money left and no matter what we say they just gonna ask the...
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    Re: Wow - Mojo Bolt finally lands

    The original wild bolt strkes again!
  4. Re: Regarding the "Revive Pirate101" Thread

    Kingsisle about to sneak preview another update to wizard101 when we just had a recent update with Pets. Ki wont even add hoards or update the one we got but the near revamped all wizard101 at this...
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    Re: Detailed Guide to Movement

    Excellent Guide. I hope kingisle give this game some love so that this guide get more use. It be a shame to have such detail go to waste!
  6. Re: KI Live May 28, 2020 - Did anyone tune in?

    In other words kingsisle straight up told a player that we don't even have plans to even talk about anything in reguards to pirate101. That like saying we aren't thinking about you. We really don't...
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    Re: Sale - Sale - Sale

    What the point of Sales in pirate101 when it clear pirate not getting the benifit of any money it does manage to get. When you follow ki live priate rarely get a mention. So trying to advertise in a...
  8. Re: Kingsisle doesn't care about pirate101. Wizard101 Arc 4 confirmed.

    This right here is what bothers me Polaris city portion of there story came from pirate101. Why has polaris been added to pirate101 with little to no work involved. Most of Mooshu and Marleybone...
  9. Kingsisle doesn't care about pirate101. Wizard101 Arc 4 confirmed.

    Kingsisle barely even mentioned Pirarte101 but they were quick once again to comfirm another arc for Wizard101. What the point in the community promoting a game in which Kingsise can't even say...
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    Re: Help with a decision

    Remember you can always play both games for about 15 bucks a month.

    Currently i taking a break before coming back level my spooky origin musk. She level 24 currenly but i noticed if you take a...
  11. Kingsisle need to maziumize there time during this Pandemic

    Goverments around the world which covers most of kingsisle player base has pretty much put there citizens on lock down to help slow the spread of Covid19. Lately i noticed there been more people in...
  12. Re: Next KI Live - Thursday, March 26 2020 4 pm US Central Time

    There only one question pirates have at this point. Is there any updates this year at all for pirate101? Is pirate101 ever getting a new world? It seem ki see that question and avoids it. Why ask us...
  13. Re: Next KI Live - Thursday, February 27, 2020 at 4 pm US Central Time

    If ki not going to update pirate101 it would be good for them to stream pirate101 hot quest like Captain blood for sneak peaks as a way to interest new people to the game.
  14. Re: Next KI Live - Thursday, February 27, 2020 at 4 pm US Central Time

    I dont pay attention to live anymore. What the point if there never anything other then wizard101 stuff?
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    Re: What did you accomplish today?

    Completed my spellpower pirate crew! Maybe i take a shot at pets again
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    Re: The lack of updates is a serious issue

    I think kingislse making mobile game at this point to find quick money to support the fact wizard101 only focus was a financial mistake. They now need the revenue to keep the company itself afloat as...
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    Re: The lack of updates is a serious issue

    Elder scrolls and other companies have made money off of unfixed pvp issues in wizard101 going as far as putting it directly in it advertisement. When toontown and some other games closed again many...
  18. Re: 50% Off Bundle Sale! (If you don't already have these...)

    But that just how far this company fallen. Selling bundles but the only likely buyers can't even get the top tier gear in pack or bundles as they dont even take the time to update money grabs.Geez...
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    Re: The lack of updates is a serious issue

    Wizard101 is huge compared to pirate101 in main not including side content. It not the same if you can't quest with others and the main story isn't truely complete. The problem is both games are...
  20. Re: Phrygian Frostlock (Level 70) information.....

    Maybe it missing (stabby) as that was how it was often use then it would explain the the range.
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    Re: The lack of updates is a serious issue

    I have 2 level 100 wizards. All classes are at least level 70 or higher. You can play wizard101 and play in virtually empty servers no matter what time of the day is. Finding questing buddies in...
  22. Re: Phrygian Frostlock (Level 70) information.....

    looks like a great april fools weapon if other in game weapons that drop more readily is better. o:
  23. Re: 50% Off Bundle Sale! (If you don't already have these...)

    I would buy bundles as there not that bad in this game. But what the point if i can't enjoy the game further then that last major short update.Content and promotions go hand in hand.More content...
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    Re: February Newsletter

    I rather they make quarterly news letters then they make a monthly with no New News about actually content or updates to this game. To me the news letters are to hint future events of whats to come...
  25. Re: Non-Musket Mojo Storm / Blast / Strike DMG is Inconsistent

    What if will power is the primary that being used for strictly magic spells. Each class varies in that stat when it not there primary stat. Example buccaneers have one the lowest base willpower...
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