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This was really great, as I went up against him twice now,defeated. However, I would like to note that I saw the powder barrels, but the only swashbuckler long-distance move is throw knives that doesn't go far enough to blow anything up. If you get to close you get hurt too.

Also, for swashbucklers, Ordaz has a nasty second chance epic. Even if you dodge him, he will hit again with a higher attack. This isn't as bad for other classes, but swashbucklers rely on dodging and blocking (At least I do) to survive a battle. I heavily reccomend waiting until a friend goes on or asking someone randomly. Or just level up a bunch on sidequests.
My sister's a swashbuckler. She needed me to help after trying and dying four times without any tank or musketeer to help. Basically, bring a tank or musketeer if you're less than 10 lvls above.

Hope I helped anybody who hasn't tried yet,