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    Best Gear For a Musketeer?

    I'm looking for what other pirates recommend as the best gear for end-game Musketeers. Here's what you ought to know:

    • I start out pretty defensive, laying traps and bombs. While PvP opponents can see them, they also must work to avoid them, as well as suffer damage from the initial drops.
    • I get increasingly offensive as the enemy regroups and makes using trick shots efficient.
    • I very rarely rely on a regular hit, I'll almost always using a trick shot, so accuracy is not essential, as I believe powers (which is what these are) hit every time.
    • My powers, unlike those of Witchdoctors, are not constant, and rely on damage. Therefore, I'm after damage, which can also be found in Agility. However, +5 Agility is equal to +1 damage.
    • When possible, I choose a set of all ranged companions to use in combat.
    • I need a good balance of Dodge/Resistance/Armor. Health is not as important as these statistics.
    • Level 45 gear can be good, but I need the right sets. I am less interested in the powers, as I am already overloaded with useful things to use. For example, Mojo Blast would not be very beneficial, because I already have two attacks like that, but mine leave traps, and I also have higher damage "x" and "+" hits. Also, healing isn't one of my favorite things unless the spell would heal 400+. I can do up to 2090 total damage in a single round on a guaranteed hit, without a critical, so 400 health doesn't quite live up to my potential damage offset.
    • I have not trained Heavy or Light armor talents, and have done just fine in-game. In fact, I found many battles too simple at the end of the game. Recommend accordingly. I do have the points for these talents, so if you're interested in persuading me, show me the gear that makes it worth the training.

    Additionally, ...

    • When I finished Zeke quests, I'll have 15 available Training Points - any recommendations on how to use these? How will this affect my gear choices?

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    Re: Best Gear For a Musketeer?

    I would train Light Amor, and then get some of the level 45 gear from Sujimura Village. I would suggest the hat that gives health, armor, and resist, the robe that gives health, armor, and attack, and the boots that give attack and dodge. The best weapon for Musketeers is the one you get after completing Mooshu. As for Ring, Amulet, and Token, it goes a bit on personal preference. I like switching between ones that give accuracy and dodge, and dodge and attack. There's also a pretty nice ring you can get that gives a Revive card and a good bit of accuracy that is dropped by some bosses in Mooshu. As for your other practice points, I would train Rouse and Valor's Shield, and then use some of them on Witchdoctor spells, since you like staying in the back.

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