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    Exclamation A Guide to Helping and Respecting the Staff

    Ahoy there mateys!

    Here at Pirate101 Central, we have grrreat staff members who dedicate most of their time to keeping the forum safe, and fun for all members.
    These staff members include the Administrators, Moderators (including Guide Moderators), and Wiki Masters.
    We can play our parts to help them, and ease their work.

    1) Helping Administrators:
    -Report any bugs you encounter on the site.
    -Report any thread/post that is breaking the forum rules.
    -Answer any questions you can on the Site Feedback forum.
    -Report any user who has an avatar/signature which is breaking a rule. (Such as displaying racism, cursing, showing actual pictures of him/herself)
    -Always be generous when contacting them, and not demanding.

    2) Helping Moderators:
    -Reporting any post/thread which is violating a forum rule.
    -Including a link to any thread which you need them to close through Private Messaging.
    -If an image is to be included in a thread/post, ensure that is it being hosted on an album on either this site (Pirate101 Central), or Image Hosting Central.
    -Avoid spamming forums.
    -If a user is being offensive to you or another, whether it be through Visitor Messaging, posting, or Private Messaging, report them to a moderator.
    -Always be courteous when contacting them.
    -If you are warned by a moderator not to do something once, do not repeat the action.
    -If a moderator closes/deletes your thread, do not re-post it, or react angrily.

    3) Wiki Masters:
    -Add anything new that you discover to the Wiki.
    -Alert the Wiki Masters of any error you encounter on the Wiki. (Such as incorrect information).
    -Do not edit a page on the Wiki if you are unsure of something.
    -If you have to contact a Wiki Master discussing the Wiki, be polite!

    And most importantly, always follow the Forum Rules!
    If you do there won't ever be a problem!

    Happy Sailing, young pirates!
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    Re: A Guide to Helping and Respecting the Staff

    Thanks! This is a good post! (Btw, you know me as OneBalanceWiz xD)

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    Re: A Guide to Helping and Respecting the Staff

    Thanks for this post! I will give you some claps.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Also, I'm now a Deck Swabber!

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