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    Regarding Outside Communication

    Reposting from Wizard101Central; here is the link to the original thread.


    We have noticed members are posting and asking for information to contact outside of Wizard101 Central, and that is not permitted in public forums OR private messages according to the forum rules. It is dangerous and unsafe because we cannot monitor what happens offsite. This includes Pokemon friend codes, Play Station IDs, Yahoo, Facebook, any messaging service that provides access to live voice chat, etc.

    If you wish to contact a member, you can always leave a visitor message or send a private message.


    We're very sorry for the inconvenience, but due to the potential risks associated with communication outside of Pirate101Central or the game, we cannot allow members to share or exchange information about their e-mail addresses, usernames from social media sites, or friend codes from videogame consoles/handhelds or from videogames such as Pokémon.

    You can only share friend codes for Wizard101 or Pirate101. Other than that, please use visitor messages or private messages if you would like to have conversations with other members.

    Thanks for understanding.
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