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    I cannot enter wizard101 raffle because of 403 forbidden massage!?

    Please help me how to enter that raffle!!!
    I cleared cache, uninstalled antivirus and tried on tree different computers.......(but on same ip address)

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    Re: I cannot enter wizard101 raffle because of 403 forbidden massage!?

    I highly doubt a forbidden massage was the cause of this problem, it may be because you have Malware. Oh noes! Which means you most likely need to reinstall your Anti-Virus software immediately. If you are sure you don't have Malware...
    1) Make sure you are logged into your network or onto the website. If may be as simple as that... if you are sure you are logged in...
    2) Run your anti-virus program and check for Malware. If you have Malware get it removed immediately! You anti-virus program can do this. Just ask it to run a virus check. (A full scan, which may takes hours, but it is worth the wait.) If this does not work and you are sure you want to enter by now...
    3) Your IP may be blocked for whatever reason. Try and access it via a proxy. (If you are absolutely sure you must enter this raffle.) If you're able to do that, contact Kingsisle support (which, for the record would have been easier to do than posting on a Pirate101 forum hehe...) and ask questions such as why your IP has been blocked.
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