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    Sir Valkoor The Victorious' 3k Yar Celebration Party Pictures

    I am posting the pictures here so those attendees without membership here can view the memories.

    The Starting Line Up For Valkoor's 3K Yar Party

    Herding Crabs Was A Favorite Game At Valkoor's Party

    Dead Eye Jack Morgan Sneaking In To Join In On The Fun

    The Party Goers Converge On Blood Shoals To Celebrate Valkoor

    Valkoor The Green Horned One Greets His Guests

    Chrissy Paige & Felix Attempt To Recreate The American Gothic Mood

    More Party Goers Come and Go Throughout The Evening

    Cavorting In Valkoor's Critter Quarters

    The Statuary Leads The Way At Valkoor's Privateer Estates

    The Statuary Leads The Way At Valkoor's Privateer Estates

    Chrissy Enjoying Valkoor's Lovely Grounds Gets Photobombed By An Imperial Lion

    Chrissy & Valkoor Explore The Spooky Spring House Area

    Up To Something? Why No We Weren't Up To Anything......

    The Morphing Tent Marauders With Some Paige Moonshade Attitude

    The Morphing Tent Marauders Gather For Another Fine Group Shot

    Group Shot Bragging

    Chrissy On Skyway Guard Duty Gets Photobombed By Misty's Grimtooth Reaper

    Chrissy Misty & Grim. Sounds Like A Bedtime Story LOL

    Ivy Among The Ivy

    Dante Chrissy & Ivy Among The Ivy

    Chrissy Tries To Meditate Among The Ivy To Clear Her Mind And Accidently Overdoes It

    Impressive Guardians

    Valkoor Gets A Visit From Virtuous Dante Ramsey As Valkoor Shares His Powerful Pets For Morphing

    Valkoor Has A Late But Very Welcome Visit From Sarcastic Leah Cormac Of The Duelist 101 Team

    We Were Each Allowed To Name One Chicken Jack Said This One Was His Butler

    Valkoor & Chrissy Study The Artwork While Unaware They Are Being Stalked

    The Chicken Hotel Has Moved To Swankier Quarters

    Impressive Doorbell

    Lovely View

    The Privateer House Looks Great From Jack's New Golden Chicken Abode

    Queen Misty Attended By The Royal Pets

    Jack's Chickens Guard The Gardens Well

    Misty Ivey & Chrissy Get Ready For Some Levitating

    Chrissy & Misty Keep Watch Over The Weather & Skyways

    No Problems With Eating Oranges To Prevent Scurvy Here

    The Ladies Keeping Watch Over The Gold

    A Lovely Memorial Spot To Remember Those Passed On In Valkoor's Gardens

    The Lovely Gardens Of Valkoor's Estates

    Paige Moonshade At Her Perilist

    Paige Moonshade Oh Mighty Decius Please Can I Have My Kitty?

    Jack Nightingale's Marleybone Themed Chicken City

    The Statues Guide The Visitors To Valkoor's house

    Valkoor's Statuary Is Indeed Impressive

    The Party In Full Swing At Valkoor's Privateer Estates

    Valkoor Nicknamed The Greenhorn Welcomes Paige Moonshade To His Party

    The Lovely Views At Valkoor's House

    The Last of the party goers Valkoor Chrissy & Misty Jackson

    Please read more memories in the Party Recap post on Pirate101 Message Boards under The Tavern section.

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    Re: Sir Valkoor The Victorious' 3k Yar Celebration Party Pictures

    Amazing screenshots Chrissy and thank you so much for taking the time to post them and provide captions.

    This is the first time I have made it onto Central since the party and it was super nice seeing all of the great shots from that fun filled night. I had an amazing time and I surely would like to thank everyone that came to hang out with me in the Spiral. It meant a lot just to be able to spend some time and have great conversations with so many pirate friends. I was happy to be able to help some of my friends get new pets or decent pedigree and it was incredibly fun having everyone hang out at my Statuary Island! Visiting Jack's Marleybone Fortress and Misty's very first pirate home were equally fun and overall I had quite a blast.

    So thank you to all that came to the little Spiral Shindig and thank you again Chrissy for the recap, the awesome screenshots and for all you do for the Marauders and the P101 Community!

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