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    Welcome to the Doubloon Trading Forum!

    Welcome to the Official Pirate101 Central Doubloon Trading Forum!

    This is a place where you can make requests for Doubloons you need or to offer up any extras you have.

    You can trade for Doubloons in game or for Pirate101 Central Forum Gold by using the donation link at the top of the post on the right hand side of the screen.

    Posting Guidelines:

    This is not an off topic forum and is not meant for general chit-chat.

    This is a TRADE forum, not a giveaway forum.

    You are required to select a valid subject prefic, [FOR TRADE], or [WANTED] when posting a new thread.

    If you are trading for forum gold, NEVER give your Doubloon before you get your gold.

    Arguments are not to occur in the forum. Please use the post report button for any disputes. The thread will be immediately closed and the complaint will be investigated.

    Trading Shops are not allowed.

    The standard site rules of bumping IS in effect, only once every 24 hours is permitted.

    Failure to follow the Rules/Guidelines could result in disciplinary actions.


    We have taken every step we can to eliminate risks to your successful trades. That being said, problems CAN occur and we recommend that you do not enter into any agreement to trade lightly. If you do not feel comfortable with the person, simply do not trade with them.

    Trades are at your own risk, neither the staff of Pirate101 Central or Kingsisle can be held responsible for your trades.

    Pirate101 Central is not part of Kingsisle and cannot remedy any disputes that arise with your Doubloon Trades.

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