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    Guide to bring out the full power of your piate101 class

    As of right now 4/5 schools uses spooky in there arsenal. Witchdoctors get it naturally while the other three: Swash, Priv, musk must use practice points to gain spooky.

    First off: By default witchdoctors often have the spook bonus of 25% i think this is the bar to have. But you can get 12% which is like getting another spooky1 + 2% more if you it. However i think witchdoctors should pick up one rank of mojo mastery r1. This will give witchdoctors a good 30% base spook leaving 7% optional on the table

    Secondly: All others have 15% is they achieve spooky 2 and 20% if they get naturally spooky. There 12% more out there if you want it all. However i think getting 1 rank of Mojo mastery which is 5% spooky will put pirates in that sweet range = to base tipical witchdoctor spook without any additional.

    How does other pirates achieve this with minimum sacrifice?

    Spook2 + naturally spooky + ( ring or necklace) = Spook 3 + naturally spooky:

    Name:  spooky 2.PNG
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Size:  51.4 KB+Name:  naturally spooky.PNG
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Size:  50.7 KB+Name:  Mojo Mastery 1.PNG
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Size:  129.2 KB = Name:  spook 3.PNG
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Size:  52.8 KB+Name:  naturally spooky.PNG
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Size:  50.7 KB

    Now you might wonder why i chose necklace or ring instead of totem. Totem whether from moo manchu or your banner might be part of your strategy. Necklaces or Rings are about the same depends on what you want.

    Something to consider:

    Mojo Mastery2 is near equal to Spook 1

    Name:  mojo mastery2.PNG
Views: 182
Size:  62.9 KB =Name:  spook 1.PNG
Views: 181
Size:  66.8 KB 1% difference!

    Spook in relation to your school:

    Spook directly boost the power of Spell powers such as Rouse. In the same way witchdoctors use will and spook to boost spell powers so does any other class. Ex: Musk get critical and some damage bonus to bombs and traps via Agility but Spook raises the actually damage more significantly vs class stat alone. So not having spook is not playing at your school fullest potential.

    In case you wondered why i left buccaneers out. Buccs can benifit from spook but i feel that they get more when going other places for w.e vs investing in spook. If a bucc where to use spook i think spook 1 would be good enough base on the fact buccs don't even need spook for there powers but it will make use of any heal they use however i leave that up to the player to decide.

    Spooky, will, and healing:

    During the bugged Mojo flow event where flow was giving will instead of Spook, i noticed that will doesn't quite make a heal stronger, this was both on my privateer and witch doctor. Will I notice might affect the chances of healing critical but with the 100%/ 50% stacked will marginally increases the power of the actual heal. Spook on other hand i noticed hands down boost the overall base amount your heal does.

    Concluding thoughts:

    Even though epics is a definitely a good way to go for damage, but your not quite maximizing the full potential of the actual school. Spook not only makes there powers that uses spook stronger but when they go to heal themselves it becomes a nice win. Whether or not scratch is worth having on your team is strictly dependent on the pirates spooky. If you decide you rather not invest in spooky, scratch is a total waste on your team as he serve no purpose compared to other companions. If you do decide to invest in spook, not only will your physical powers hit like a rock but your support class spook boost power will hit just as hard and when you do need that heal you getting the most possible with lowest sacrifice out there.

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