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    Revisiting Monquista

    I'm not sure if this should go here, but I want to post it anyway in the hopes that a member can post it on the official message boards and KingsIlse can pick it up.
    I think it's inevitable that we return to Monquista and explore it further, seeing as though Tierra Primate Skyway is the only one currently available and blockades prevent you from accessing the others (assuming others exist). I think it would be interesting to have another skyway(Cielo Primata, sky of monkeys, as this one would be more island based) featuring a secondary capital like Barcelona, with a large unfinished cathedral (La Sagrada Tropa perhaps?: (A troop is a group of monkeys, the original is familia-family)).
    I'd love to see Gortez with a palace made for him, where he has his troops bring him the gold throne he sat on in the Isle of Doom. I'd also like to see Queens Catherine and Anna form a council with Eleanor and Gortez.
    Lastly, the skyway should have an area based off of the Canary Islands, a stormgate directly to Valencia (since real world Valencia is in Spain) and a stormgate to Marleybone near the Moniquistan version of Bilbao, as Bilbao is a popular ferry destination from Britain.
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