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    12-23-2016 Falmea Friday

    My Pirate Friends,
    The seasons have changed once again, and no one can ignore the sting to the wind in the air, but I know it will be warm again soon. So we’ll sail on.
    First of all, I had the chance to wrap up the second half of the year in my Producer’s Letter. I’m very happy we were able to keep the narrative going in 2016, and we’re excited to see where the future takes us. You can read it here.
    I’m afraid that this post won’t include such a cool giveaway as the last one, but I’d like to congratulate Melissa Darksong on their great memory:
    “My favorite memory is kind of hard to pin down; there are alot if plot points, places and characters i love in Pirate101. When i first started the game, i really liked customizing my character's backstory. Then, after a while, i remember being in awe about Monquista(i know it gets a bad rep now) but the skys are gorgeous and i couldnt believe how big it was. Learning about our parents as the story went along was really a highlight; i play with my cousin and we always wondered when we entered a new area if we would learn more about them. The ending of Valencia really threw os for a loop. There is just so much more than i can even list here; basically I have loved watching the game change over time and I have loved every moment of playing. So, Thanks KI for the really great game and i hope it continues to get better and better in the years to come!”
    We loved reading all of these fond memories and we’re lucky to have such a great community. Thanks again for sharing these with us! Congrats on your awesome Kane mask!
    It’s the most wonderful time of the year (besides Summer, of course), that’s right – Yuletide and our recently concluded 12 Days of the Spiral! It’s a festive occasion, there’s all your favorites from years past, and perhaps a few new surprises in there as well to come. Also, as we leave fall and transition into winter, there were more seasonal surprises in store in the Brawlin’ Hall. We think this particular pet is pretty adorable and at least one version is very… seasonally appropriate.
    It’s been a tradition over on the other side of the Spiral, and I’d like to ask it here ask well as my parting question. Pirates - What was your favorite thing we added to the Spiral in 2016? Is it a new talent or power? The epic conclusion of Book 15? The Ashes of the Armada CCG? We’d like to know!
    Have a wonderful, warm, and safe holiday season from our crew here at KI to yours!

    Falmea Friday 12/23/2016

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