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    Heal Me Great Moodah! Guide to Level 36 - 50 Healing

    Guide to Level 36-50 Healing

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    So finally made it to level 50 on my Privateer Healer.In case there those want try this build this guide is designed to give pointers on how to use a healer solo or in groups. For reference i pretty much soloed up the cellar(on my way to Marleybone, the only exception may of been General Tso but I don't remember . But being able to not baby sit companion health and monitoring if i should heal due to heal limit was pretty awesome.

    Note:Having a healer not really that big of deal in most instances up to Captain Kidd. But who to say ki wont add a low or mid level dungeon in this range like they did in wizard101. Or that people group play from newbies and care to have a designated healer?

    Practice Points

    Witchdoctor- Full investment
    Note:Staffy2 allow access to all staffs and also gives Spellpower talent. Juju line give mojo strike, Juju which buffs off classes and add buff for heals.

    Swashbuckler- Fast1 ( i am planning for fast 2 in the future). Fast talent allows you to increase your steps to reach other members or companions easier.

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    With the exception of buffs and defensive this is what powers i mainly work with for damage or heals for my captain. The rest i use as needed between phases when i don't need to heal or have the pressure to heal. Below is what powers my pirate currently have.

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    If you notice i have 5 rouses. My beta eye patch, and the ring, totem, and charm from the extended boss (Floating Dutchman, Ch'ok Ak'ab, Emperor prawn). The item are the sapphire set which look like the one below:

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    3 mojo mastery = +12% Spell Power boost. The extra revive i got of a piece of drop gear trying for Capt blood jacket. The tritan song is from a failed pet grant.


    (5) Range Staff
    Note:The additional 2 range reaches 2 more squares combined with fast 2 you reach more of your con rads on most boards within 1 turn. This is important when positioning your pirate to be protected by other pirate

    How i generate damage:

    As a dedicated healer i mainly use the spell power method witchdoctor teams use load up on will and spell power then use my gunnery and mojo strike AOE's. The normal amount of buffs makes it easy for will powered units to crit on most targets as willpower isn't common at this point on most units. Gunnery talents or mojo strike fully juiced does massage damage to most units.

    Power Priority and Keeping units alive:

    The first step in keeping units alive is finding the best match ups. Personally i try to avoid "Chaining wars" sometimes it unavoidable. I define chaining wars as when similar units exchange revenge hitting and relentless style attacks. Most units with fair to low dodge can end up dead or at half life at the very start of a encounter

    Step 2: Avoid rushing into enemy territory needlessly. The Higher you go in the worlds you start facing debuffs for hold the line or repel the border. Each being easily costing you the life of your unit.

    Step 3:
    Protect squishy units. When I first started me and scratch were along first to drop. About 36-42 going into mooshu i was able to start tanking for frail companion. The captain get quite tough as the level. Having scratch or bonnie or both behind you with another melee unit in front protects them often from charges like brutal charge. I notice most npcs will charge your melee character before your musk or witchdoctor.

    My Process
    I use Valor Armor to protect a dying frail unit or to ensure certain companions don't fall in tough instances mainly being (marchioness and scratch). I then use rouse when i notice companions or pirate captains health below quarter health. Companions like Bonnie, scratch, class companion like Fan are primary. The rest are well expendable but these particularly high damage and utility. But captains will always go before companions as no one can really tell what captain knows and it really slows things down when captain falls.Revive and Rally are only used for captains as there limited and generally the most effective. I use Group heals right after a fight to top captain health, or when i enough mojo flow buffs are on field and more then one unit needs serious relief. I find depending on the efficiency of determines how you stretch your buffs in group play. As a healer it best to space your mojo flow powers so they have so juice in longer fights that way you can keep base level of efficiency in heals.

    Common Q&A

    1.How do i determine who to heal first?
    A. If it players captains get priority. Captains should make best decisions to protect and aid there own units.If you notice a captain making reckless decisions and taking on damage they could of avoided don't heal them.Our heals are not unlimited nor can we add them back.

    2.How would healing work for a newbie is there a guide?
    If you have the sapphire set then by level 8 you have 4 rouses add the beta patch and you have 5. One for each companion and yourself and one backup for whoever needs it which means in team play you could heal each captain once and one companion.

    3.Why do you recommend 5 range staff vs 3 range with shooty?
    A.5 range will extend power ranges that aren't infinite. It also allows your captain to stay in place if it safe vs having make multiple moves to reach one unit. Ideally you really don't want to spend more then one turn reaching other captains or even companions, the further your reach the less turns you spend trying to get there and potentially compromising your unit.

    4. Is there an alternative to taking the juju line?
    A. Yes, if you want have epics instead of powers you could run shooty 2 route + burst fire and over-watch then pick up Readied spell. However having another 10 round buff that benefits all class types that last 10 rounds, Another Aoe, and a drain that act as a person heal is alot to give up in terms healing being able have sustained heals via buffs makes you heals worthwhile neither a wrong route but you wont really doing heals and particularly ability critical that heal when necessary.

    5.What the best gear for this build?
    A.Anything with heal on it when comes to robe hat and boots and uses willpower. At this point i haven't used both revives often.Not to say not having an extra isn't a boon and gives relief and options. I would say though that if you do get your hands on Captain bloods jacket using it wouldn't take anything major away from you at this level.

    6.Do you have any time you had space out my heals and buffs to be most effective with heal focused build?
    A. I can recall 2. Lo pan and Gambit of steel on the turtle island. When came to lo pan i waited until i actually engaged lo pan to use steading speech (10 round +50% willpower). Then i waited till most of my units lost at least quarter health before poping a mojo flow power. That way this is now the heat of battle and then slowly let each buff go till killed everything or had enough power to heal units that really needed it. Using buffs when units are more 2 turns away are huge waist.

    A2. During Gambit of steel it takes time activate the switches when solo. I first killed the minions one at a time before opening the gate. Then i did same right until one statue separated me from the mini boss in the center. At no time did i use a single heal or buff before this time. Using buffs in this case would be waste as navigating would burn all my buff timers. On the last gate i used my Group Reinforcement heal then a rouse on a low health unit after take a turn prior to buff for it. That way i had heals for final guy as he would spawn minions at the start of the encounter.

    Here is why 5 range wand is prefered when healing vs 3 range wand.

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    This picture Shows where i can reach with 5 range.


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    This picture represents a 3 range wand range. Notice you have literally almost have to be beside what your healing vs the prior.

    If there any questions i answer whenever i can guide done!

    This post contains 5 auto-link(s) to our wiki for your reference.
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    Re: Heal Me Great Moodah! Guide to Level 36 - 50 Healing

    Off Topic : I think I saw you outside of subata temple tonight on my witchdoctor

    but nice guide
    3/5 Characters maxxed

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    Re: Heal Me Great Moodah! Guide to Level 36 - 50 Healing

    Focus on healing is an interesting strategy and a new challenge to the game. Great work.

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    Re: Heal Me Great Moodah! Guide to Level 36 - 50 Healing

    Guide complete i will post a guide for Mb/ Aquila when i get there to keep up with the game.

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