The invited and uninvited alike, were the words that rung from Scarlet's mouth. Words that the Fox felt could not be truer,although it did raise his suspicion of her, as he moved slightly towards the crowd, he noticed her talking to other people. She might be here with crewmates, not something he could risk fighting right now then. He noticed diantha, and realised he had left her hanging earlier, seeing she was joining the bustling masses for the announcment aswell. With a little luck, they would be on Fred's side. A nervous flicker of his tail was the last that could be seen of him for now, as his small-ish form allowed him to effectively blend in with the crowd. Seperating him from the interesting pirates lest they follow him.

Unable to find the guard while in the masses and unwilling to provoke his opponents as of the moment, The fox fell silent and subtle, vanishing in the crowd. His intentions were to dash into combat, if any of the cutthroats on forged or stolen invitations had tried to cause a ruckus, be it that shark, the dog, a rogue Samoorai or another type of bandit from mooshu.

Criminals, a busy crowd, an important announcement. The tense atmosphere was even more tense for Fred, expecting an attack any second now. Shifty eyes moved left and right, masses people made it easy to hide weapons. Fred could only hope this was to be the start of something great, and not just a crime. He tried to break his own tension with a grin and a joke, whispered to himself "This would be a perfect place for Arsene Vulpine, phantom fox, to strike. Would make for a spectacle. Shame pirates aren't quite as subtle as him." he smiled, although it did little to hide his sweat and his preparedness ot jumo into action.