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    Guide to the altenative path:Privateer, Witchdoctor, and Swashbuckler

    So i decided to make a Alternative path guide. These are my most loved path some may be tippical but i think it unique as i haven't seen them in action by other pirates yet!

    Privateer- Alt style healer

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    Practice Points:
    Swash- Train what needed for fast 2
    (this allows you to move to where you need in one round)

    Musketeer- Train for raise barricade
    (This makes units not charging have to go around allowing time for you to buff and place units)

    Witchdoctor- All
    (Spooky 2 makes all your heals and bomb stronger)
    (Powers line give you juju that buff all units by there damage type, Mojo strike which is on par with Artillery, drain for a personal back up heal)

    Hidden trainer- Witchhunter

    ( as a healer you can take advantage of retreat line when only using bombs as your source of damage without breaking it.
    witchhunter happens to benifit from mojo flow which work perfectly with this build.


    Full corrupted gear (Hat, robe, boots)
    totem-Dutchman Sapphire Charm (Rouse)
    Charm- shrimpy sapphire necklace (Rouse)
    Ring- Sapphire Azecosaur ring (Rouse)
    Ring, charm, and totem can be gotten at level 5
    Eye patch- Your choice but u chose Pioneer beta Eye patch.

    Wand- Phules for range and it has a witch hunter unless you have moo 6 range wand. This lets you heal most people on the map and fast 2 let you move 1x to get close enough to heal a target from a safe distance. I use nefarious when soloing for a target distraction having high will give the the scorpions 1000ish life each with fair dodge. The swarm will even try to trap targets buying you time to bomb them back to the stone ages safely.
    Issue i find with moo set is that 12% spell power difference is major thanks to rng and the fact there ranges even when not criticaling which can cause a heal to do way less then what stated on a power. However it is much easier to get if you consider that the 3 extended bosses have 5 different version of 6 possible items ya it can be a pain trying to get that one.

    Witchdoctor- Max spell power shooty witch!

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    The one thing that my witch has that makes him different is max spell power but he also has 3 sniper shots. Sniper shot is a external shooting power that has infinite range and it always critical super! Not just that if you had a grant double tap or mojo rising it auto triggers that talent! Then to add a level of amazing they come with improved mojo mastery that will grant +12% spell power which is like adding a additional spooky 1 + 2% to you spell power. Basically things get much easier as you level thanks to having nuclear grade magic!

    Gear- Full corrupted gear (hat, outfit, boots)

    totem-Dutchman Sapphire Charm (Sniper Shot)
    Charm- shrimpy sapphire necklace (Sniper Shot)
    Ring- Sapphire Azecosaur ring (Sniper Shot)

    Eye patch- Your choice but i think a healing option would be prefered or even deaths bargain earing.

    Note: My first witch is level 67 but i about to delete him so if you wonder my bases are that what it is.

    Pratice Points- in progress! sorry but i will say:

    Musk- train the shooty 2 line
    Hidden trainer- Readied spell 1/2, Burst fire, Overwatch 1/2
    Rest is tbd sorry!

    Swashbuckler- lethal Assassin
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    This build focuses on bleeds and poisons. I love being able to hide then poison then hit the highest or most damaging unit with a assassins strike. However i have really chosen a straight path for this character vs specializing in one. I find my swash to be swish army knife. I tend to change out his power types depending on what i struggling with or feel unlucky on.

    Gear- corrupted set (hat, outfit, boots)
    totem-Dutchman Sapphire Charm (Sniper Shot,mighty charge, rouse,attack)
    Charm- shrimpy sapphire necklace (Sniper Shot,mighty charge, rouse,sneak attack)
    Ring- Sapphire Azecosaur ring (Sniper Shot,mighty charge, rouse,sneak attack)

    1.Mighty charge let you virtually hit anyone on the map and the glacing blow can trigger double tap and bladestorm if criticalled or downs a enemy. While at the same time give a chance to prop burstfire and or relentless.
    2.Sniper shot can hit at any range. Auto critical at super. Triggers double tap or blade storm instantly, still give the chance to prop burstfire or relentless down side. No range makes chaining only possible when you can stab or use a melee weapon on them.
    3. Rouse. Never a bad option more heals can help keep you and another companion alive.
    4. Sneak attack another damage power better then normal hit not as good as some the other options.

    Currently i gotten up to 450-475 without critical for my poison Aoes as of my current level posted above.

    Any thing i forgot to answer let me know i answer whenever i can. Go Alt love!

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    Re: Guide to the altenative path:Privateer, Witchdoctor, and Swashbuckler

    Nice! There is more than one way for a Cat to obtain his pickled herring.

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