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    Duck of Death Swashbuckler Solo Guide

    The rematch with the Duck of Death is a pretty insane fight. He possesses and aoe that does over 1k damage to your entire team (before criticals are factored in) that he can use at will. This aoe also kills your blood flames before you get value from them. His minions have ridiculous armor and health, and he possesses nearly 7k health himself. To make matters worse, the blessed bullets are no longer infinite duration. You will have just 2 rounds (the round you interact with the fountain and the following round) to hit the duck for every fountain you use. Oh, and you can't use a fountain twice in a duel, so glhf. Because of all of these factors, this seems like an insanely difficult fight to solo. However, I've found a reliable way to beat him, with companion deaths only occurring if you get unlucky.

    Companions: I used Goro, Fan, Nausica. Actual compilation doesn't matter too much, but having high movement range units, one grit unit, and multiple ranks of relent and/or bladestorm is invaluable (grit unit can't have overwatch because of how it breaks fog). Don't bother with bringing toro. His buff is ineffective against the duck, and the lagoonies are nothing more than an annoyance.

    Gear: You need at least one fort (ideally 2-3), a heal or two just in case, and extra hides and assassins. Poisons are nearly useless here because of how the duck's immunity works. Having elusive 2 (3 is ideal) and relentless 2 makes the later part of this fight go much quicker with much less risk.


    r1: Fog or Fort your grit unit (if fog isn't up), fan uses grand shadowdance, nausica and goro pass
    r2: Fort your grit unit or fog (w/e you didn't do last round), fan uses agility buff, nausica and goro move towards center of board
    r3: Check to see if fan can hit the duck with her super. If she can, activate blessed bullets with your pirate (move around to the closest corner of the fountain so you'd be in range of the duck the following round), and have all 3 of your units use their guaranteed hits on the duck. Depending on how well Nausica chains, it might kill him outright. If she can't reach him, move everyone close to the duck and do it next round
    r4: If you already used blessed bullets with your pirate, assassin the duck if he's not dead or a lagoony if he is. If you haven't, activate blessed bullets and hit with everyone else.
    r5: Kill the duck if he isn't already dead (if all 4 units hit him already with a hidden attack, he's almost certainly dead.
    r6+: Kill the lagoonies. Once you hit elusive, these guys are a joke. Even before elusive, you should chain them pretty well.

    Companion deaths depend on whether or not the lagoonies get crit spams and whether or not the duck aoes round 1 if you don't fog (he did when I fought him, but my lowest unit clutched with 22 health)

    Good luck pirates!

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    Re: Duck of Death Swashbuckler Solo Guide

    Great guide buddy. Keep on the good work

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