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    2018 New PvP Rule Voting Thread

    Greeting duelists!

    This thread will serve the purpose of displaying the topics that have been discussed by the community. These topics are ones that members have shown concerns about and deserve a fair vote on. These votes will decide the outcome of P101 Central PvP rules.

    This thread will be not be used for discussion purposes. If you wish to discuss anything, please use THIS thread.

    Once all votes have been submitted to me, I will tally everything and post the results. IF there happens to be a tie with a topic or the outcome is inconclusive, I will repost those for a run-off vote. Some topics have 3 options. These topics will be posted in a run-off vote as well.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________________


    Below you will find 16 topics discussed. You will vote on each topic by sending your choices to me via private message. Most topics are clean cut with only 2 options. Some have a 3rd option. A run-off vote will take place on those particular topics so we can make sure the result is absolute.

    When submitting your responses, please use this format to keep things simple.

    1. Scratch's 50% buff - ban it
    2. Scratch's 100% buff - allow it
    3. Scratch's Purge - Leave it unrestricted

    Tip: When submitting your votes, be sure you double space at the end of each line. This will keep everything from running together and present itself as a single wall of words. I apologize for the inconvenience, but this problem is due to a site bug that has yet to be fixed.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________________

    Topics to vote on...

    1. Scratch's 50% buff
    • Leave it banned
    • No ban is needed
    • other restriction: unban for use by witches only

    2. Scratch's 100% buff
    • Leave it banned
    • No ban is needed

    3. Scratch's Purge
    • Leave it unrestricted
    • Ban it completely
    • other restriction: limit to 1 use per match

    4. Scratch Companion
    • Ban use of the companion
    • Leave the companion available for use

    5. Summons Scent Pet Banners
    • Leave them unrestricted
    • Ban them completely
    • Other restriction: specify

    6. Champion Weapons
    • All completely unrestricted
    • Ban them all
    • Other restriction: specify

    7. Second Wind (50%) (if Champions weapons are not voted to ban)
    • Leave this banned on Champion weapons
    • Lift the ban on Champion weapons

    8. Second Wind (from companions like Eagle Mercenary, or future comps, that give 50%)
    • Ban the talent
    • Leave the 50% ability alone on companions
    • Other restriction: specify

    9. Swashbucklers
    • Leave current restrictions in place (Purge Magic/Black Fog cannot be used simultaneously.)
    • Lift all restrictions on the Swashbuckler class

    10. Angry Orchards (if Champions weapons are not voted to ban)
    • Lift the ban on them
    • Leave banned

    11. Goro & Nausica (the combination of both)
    • No restrictions on using both companions together
    • Disallow the use of these companions together (can only use 1 in matches)

    12. Armada Companions
    • Lift the current ban on these comps
    • Leave the ban in place

    13. First Mate's Boon
    • Ban it
    • Leave it alone
    • Other restriction: specify

    14. Blast of Discord
    • Ban it
    • Leave it alone
    • Other restriction: specify

    15. Beastmaster Banner
    • No restrictions
    • Ban it completely

    16. Overwatch 5
    • Leave it alone
    • Disallow its use

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________________

    This first-round voting process will end Friday, October 5.

    Once all votes are finalized, I will post the results. The official rules will be updated and a tournament opened which will use the newly voted on rules. The rules will also go into effect immediately for the PvP ladder.

    I want to take the time to thank each and every participant for their feedback and input regarding Central PvP rules. It makes my heart happy to see so many players care not only for their general P101 community but also the PvP community and tournaments.
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