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    Re: Starter PVP Gear Needed

    Hey Steph,

    I can definitely see where your frustration is coming from. Privateer’s in ranked without a champ weapon has to be the hardest class (along with witches) due to the limited amount of offensive epics and low overall base stats. However I don’t agree that making ranked more complicated by adding *more gear would be a valid solution; neither is nerfing the weapons themselves. The problem, in my opinion, is a lot deeper than we make it out to be. There are a few ways KI can approach this and each way will have its ups and downs.

    The most efficient way, without complicating things (adding or nerfing gears) would be to restrict the champ weapons to a normal queue type. This would mean that a player can not enter a ranked queue with a champion weapon equipped. This would even out the playing field for everyone and still allow the use of champ weapons in a non-ranked queue. If KI do not wish or are unable to add a normal queue type then simply adding more incentives (scrip rewards, pet snacks, a leaderboard) for the players to ranked could also be an even trade off. KI has been relatively slow when it comes to any kind of update so of course we can also expect no change to come whatsoever.

    We also have to remember that Champion is the highest tier of PvP and while it may not be balanced for newcomers, it should feel like a good accomplishment and should be exclusive (it’s obviously not since people have found ways to cheat the system unfortunately). If KI have failed to deal with boosters then we unfortunately also can’t expect them to deal with balance changes within ranked. The bright side is that right now, outside of ranked, there is a healthy amount of options for every class to take. This means that Central tournaments or other 3rd parties that host tournaments and ladders provide a good escape to fair and honest PvP. You can also, theoretically, tell who is good or bad by their unwillingness to join these events because they’re probably not any good outside of a broken system.

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