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    Ladder Rule Memo

    Hi everyone!

    Let me start by saying that I am very pleased with the activity in the PvP ladder this season! This is the most active I've seen the ladder in a very long time. There is plenty of competition and dueling talents to be found! There are also some newer players, so for these players, I wanted to address a few things.

    • All normal rules such as restrictions and bans pertain to ladders if players opt to use Central rules.
    • Our general rules also apply to ladders. Most of these are the procedural type of rules explaining no-shows, penalties for fleeing, etc.
    • The ladders themselves have a few special rules that players must also abide by.

    1. Ladder matches are only ONE duel per challenge.
    2. Players must complete at least one ladder match per month to remain on the ladder.
    3. If you are removed from the ladder for any reason (cheating, inactivity, willingly left, etc), all your stats will be completely reset if you are above 1000 ELO. If you are below 1000, your stats will remain the same.
    4. It is suggested players use visitor messages to set up their match times and rules.
    5. Players can choose to either use Central Rules, No Rules or create their own rules for the ladder duels.
    6. Giving and receiving "free wins" on a ladder is considered cheating and will result in immediate removal from the ladder with all stats wiped clean.

    Pirate101 Central competitions are dedicated to providing a fair and fun atmosphere for all players to compete in, and breaking any tournament or ladder rules goes against what we stand for and will not be tolerated. It is highly recommended that newer players, or even older players, read through the rules to ensure no accidents happen and everything is understood.

    With all that being said...


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